Pearl Harbor Revisionism

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I’m amused by the people who believe that yes, FDR was trying to maneuver America into a war its people didn’t want, and, perhaps, yes, he provoked the Japanese and maybe even had foreknowledge there’d be an attack, if not on Pearl Harbor on December 7, then sometime soon—and yet believe that this was all justified to get the United States in a war it needed to fight.

The neocons wanted “a new Pearl Harbor,” and got it on 9/11. Thankfully, most Americans, despite believing there was no deliberate provocation of this terrorist attack—one that was even worse than Pearl Harbor—have come around to suspecting that the war on terror as it has unfolded is not one the United States needes to fight. Today’s war lacks the virtually universal approval World War II has enjoyed ever since Pearl Harbor.

On the other hand, the US has been in Iraq longer than it was in World War II, already, and the permanent war on terror, in some form or another and in whatever battlegrounds, is agreed upon by most everybody. If ever Americans become as disgusted by all this war as they were disenchanted after the first World War, I wonder if the neocons will conclude that what is needed is yet another Pearl Harbor, or perhaps another 9/11.

12:52 pm on December 7, 2006