‘Peaceful, Peaceful’

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That is the chant of the non-violent Egyptian resistance, as its members march on the Mubarak presidential palace, guarded by scared-looking young soldiers behind razor wire. The US media and State keep calling for the army to take over to prevent “chaos,” i.e., freedom. Yet what a model for all the world’s oppressed peoples these resisters are. They are showing us, once again, that non-violence can overcome the State and its armies and secret police, whereas returning violence for violence ends in massacre. Threats, torture, murder, beating, caging, these are the tools of the State. We, the opponents of the State, cannot possibly beat it at its own game, nor should we try. But with non-violence, we have a chance. Conscripted soldiers, break your weapons and go home to your families. Those you love need your hands and your brains, not your bullets.

8:18 pm on February 10, 2011