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Writes Mike: “Ron Paul’s decision to take a hiatus from the national campaign to defend his Texas congressional seat has caused much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments in certain quarters of Ron Paul Nation. This is misplaced energy. In years past we should remember, the New Hampshire primary wasn’t even held until March!

“By front loading the primary process, the Beltwayites have given the electorate the ‘bum’s rush’, evincing an air of inevitability for their chosen candidates. This ‘get it over with quick’ strategy is not fail-safe however. Nine months is an eternity in today’s jacked-up world. None of the annointed will bear scrutiny or wear well with the people.

“Dr. Paul’s time is yet down the road.

“Supporters need to stay focused and continue to spread the message. We are in the first act of this epic, and I understand the last act has a large audience participation number in it.


10:14 am on February 10, 2008