Pathetically Puerile Puerility Pervades Puerily

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Karen De Coster comments on my previous post about Tucker Max’s hedonistic stories. One of her readers wrote “Someone at posted some items on the “legendary” Tucker Max, claiming this was the funniest stuff he had ever read. I read these “funny”stories and have to conclude they are the most pretentious, narcissistic, puerile, and unadulterated bull{stuff} I have ever read in my life.[…] Seriously, I haven’t read anything more disgusting and sad in a long, long time as the “Miss Vermont” and “Charity Auction” stories.[…]”

Did I say Tucker Max was funny? Obviously, {stick-up-rear}I meant to say he was pathetically puerile. I object to his stories. Horrible. Truly horrible. Anyone who finds that funny needs professional help.{/stick-up-rear}

10:03 am on September 9, 2003