Partners with Pedophiles — and Proud of It!

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For those of you wondering why the (heavily-subsidized-by-our-taxes-and,-to-all-intents-and-purposes,-nationalized) airlines never peep even a syllable of protest when the TSA sexually assaults their customers and steals their belongings, here’s an enlightening quote from “United’s Senior Vice President of Network Operations and United Express Alex Marren.” He prattled, “We have a great partnership with the TSA and appreciate their efforts to make the screening process more efficient.”

Seldom do you find a guy bragging about his “partnership” with pedophiles, let alone deeming it “great.” Then again, airlines long ago formed “partnerships” with politicians and bureaucrats, so I reckon Al and the rest of the gang at United are inured.

Indeed, Al’s gushing wasn’t the only evidence of his “great partnership” with thugs. United also paid for an entire press release, which the Sacramento Bee obligingly published, on the TSA’s unconstitutional, Big-Brotherish Pre-Check — despite the fact that the TSA and its lackeys in the media have tirelessly hyped this fascism since at least February. No favor too big for your valued “partners,” huh, Al?

7:38 am on June 28, 2012