Parents: Never Drive With Your Children Later Than Bureaucrats Think You Should

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Boy In State Custody After Heroic Effort To Save Dad From [Car] Crash

The headline pretty much says it all. Yes, one of Leviathan’s merciless franchises, in this case New Hampshire — you know, the state that hypocritically and ironically proclaims on its license-plates, “Live Free or Die” —  kidnapped “eight-year-old Joshua Garcia” after he rescued his father, Eugenio, when “the car the two were in crashed early Thursday morning and ended up in the Nashua River.”

The excuse (because so far, the police-state still needs one)? The accident occurred at 3 AM, and no responsible parent drives his kid around in such wee hours. I bet you didn’t know Amerika has a curfew. (Thanks to Charles Everett for sending the link.)

Update: Debbie Ayers writes me that she grew up near the area in question and that it lies in Massachusetts. My apologies to New Hampshire’s tyrants for crediting them with Massachusetts’ crimes; they no doubt have enough of their own.

6:15 am on July 8, 2013