Parental Laziness FAIL

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In Australia, Lady Gaga’s show is scaring some parents. They are shocked to find that there are no government restrictions or warnings when it comes to performances.

Linda Fitzsimmons took her nine-year-old daughter Jessica to the debut show on Wednesday and said that she was “shocked and surprised” by it.

“I couldn’t believe it. (Jessica) likes her songs and I’m OK with her listening to them. There’s no swearing in them and she’s too young to understand the hidden meaning,” she said. “But if I tried to take her to an MA 15+ movie someone would stop me at the counter. Why not with concerts?”

How about if parents find out, before going to a show, what the deal is about? Or, if you’ve been too lazy or really caught off guard, then immediately leave the concert. With TV, even with warnings, if a parent thinks that the show is inappropriate you can change the channel. Surely you can leave the concert as well.

Of course, there are other issues with state-imposed standards and warnings: taxes, bureaucracy, enforcement—things incompatible with responsibility.

11:24 am on March 18, 2010