Parasites on Parade!

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This is indigestibly rich: The leeches are planning to hold a “We don’t suck!” rally in the imperial capital.

“We hear it day in and day out: the government sucks, federal employees are lazy and their positions are redundant,” said march organizer Steve Ressler, founder of GovLoop, a social networking Web site for public servants. “It’s time to turn the tables and remind the world that government employees just happen to be people — people that don’t suck,” Ressler said in a message sent to The Federal Eye [a Washington Post blog] on Sunday announcing the march. Government workers “are a lot of cool cats” who work hard, listen to good music and watch [Jon] Stewart’s `The Daily Show,’  “but that’s all after they’ve spent a whole day keeping the country running,” he said.

Actually, the country — meaning the productive sector — runs just fine without the “contributions” made by the parasite class. Like most people employed in the coercive sector, Ressler assumes that “country” and “government” are synonyms. Not only does the government suck, it has almost bled the country dry.


The category of “parasite class”  must include “members of the government-backed fractional reserve banking cartel using the government-enforced monopoly money supply,” observes LRC reader Steven S.

The most conspicuously tax-engorged drones in the statist hive are people who straddle the narrow divide between collectivist “public service” and the government-subsidized banking cartel. Consider, for example, Thomas R. Nides,who was paid more than $8 million in salary and bonuses as chief operating officer for the Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley. Every penny of that bounty was redirected from taxpayers by way of the federal bank bailout. Nides has been nominated to be deputy secretary of state. The official he would replace in that post, Jacob Lew, has been reassigned to serve as the Obama administration’s federal budget chief.  Before going into government “service,” Mr. Lew was an employee of Citigroup, where he received his own $1 million taxpayer-supplied bailout bonus.

9:42 am on October 25, 2010