Palin’s Speech

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Pure neocon drivel so far. Nothing about making government smaller.

She is more interested in fighting for the liberty of Iranians than Americans.

She is clueless about the tea party movement. It’s populist and its core concern is economic freedom. She blew a great opportunity.

Also, Sarah, I see you are having trouble reading the speech written for you. Here’s a tip: Courier font, 14 point type, triple-spaced. Works like a charm.

Update: So far it’s a purely partisan speech with no criticism of how the GOP grew government whenever it could. Sarah, hire new speechwriters. The current jokers don’t seem to understand that the tea party movement doesn’t like the GOP either.

Sarah had a choice about what to do with her new-found fame and fortune. She could have grown. Instead, she chose to take the path of least resistance. The incredible shrinking woman, Sarah Palin.

Wrap-up: She threw in a few nuggets of faux-libertarian rhetoric to con the masses just as her hero Reagan did. Here’s a relevant quote from my new book on Government Schools:

Thanks to the disastrous Bush administration, libertarianism has now replaced conservatism as the dominant alternative to the progressive-liberal welfare-warfare state. Conservatism held center stage in American politics from 1964 through 2008 but utterly failed to make government smaller or our liberty larger. Conservatism was never able to defeat liberalism simply because it shared too many of its premises. Hence, under Bush we got an expansion of the federal welfare state in education and prescription drugs and two Wilsonian wars to “make the world safe for democracy.”

8:24 pm on February 6, 2010