Palin “Reeks of Local” — The Dumb, Dumb Demonrats

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It’s long been my contention that if the demonrats would just jettison the relatively small elitist wing of their party–the condescending limousine liberals, the middle-America and normalcy-hating “urbane” and cosmpolitan condescending types–and just have a mildly populist, redistributionist, soft-socialist but culturally conservative platform, they could clean house and recapture all the inexplicably Republican Joe Sixpack types who are their natural constituency (but who are alienated by Barbra Streisand’s screeching). (See my How the Democrats Could Win.) But their stupidity knows no bounds. Why they need to anchor their image to the vapid Hollywood and libertine types is beyond me. Apparently abortion is all that matters to them.

Their inexplicable self-destructive behavior is on fully display in their reaction to the Sarah Palin VP nomination. A few choice quotes and examples below:As I noted here, after Hillary Clinton’s speech during the Democrat convention, Susan Estrich admitted that because of female demonrat disappointment over Hillary’s loss to Obama, if McCain just picks a woman VP, “it’s Cha-Ching” (i.e., he’ll rack up many female votes that otherwise could have gone to Obama). So, she said, “As a democrat, I hope McCain doesn’t pick a woman VP.” So she wanted McCain to discriminate against women. Nice.

In this post on HuffPo, David Sirota explains why Palin “is a pretty smart choice”:

1. Putting a woman on the ticket is McCain’s best hope to peel off some disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters. …

2. Palin comes from an energy state, and specifically, an oil and gas state. With Democrats’ pathetically (yet predictably) tepid behavior on the drilling issue, the GOP senses an opportunity to exploit it, and you can bet Palin will be making the drilling case, with first-person narratives and anecdotes.

3. It will be difficult — though not impossible — for the Obama campaign to make an experience argument against Palin. Even though Palin is probably the most inexperienced candidate for vice president in contemporary American history, the Republicans have spent months attacking Obama’s supposed lack of experience. So when gnats like Rahm Emanuel issue silly, over-the-top press releases about Palin’s career, they re-open an experience debate that John McCain probably wants to have with Obama.

4. As the Nation’s Chris Hayes reports, Palin is a die-hard right-winger who could help McCain solidify the Republican base.

Sirota fails to mention, however, another important factor: the condescending the way the left is sure to react–is already reacting–belittling normalcy, middle class, “beauty queens,” “small” states is also going to hurt them.

A good example of liberal condescension (and hypocritically sexist, at that) from Jane Smiley: “If the red phone rings in the middle of the night and she’s breastfeeding, will she answer it?” The contempt for normal America–the bizarre, sneering sexism–just oozes out of this liberal vitriol, doesn’t it? Think middle America won’t pick on up on this? Why vote for those who feel they are superior to you and who relegate normalcy to peon status?

And another, by “Michael Seitzman”:”She’s never actually used the word Shiite in a sentence before. She’s never had to. She’s never given any thought whatsoever to nuclear proliferation. She’s never had to. She’s never thought about Israel, Russia, Korea, or Iran. She’s never even thought about Mexico.”

How in the world does he know? He’s implying that unless you are a federal politician, or some savvy DC Denizen, you haven’t “thought” about …. Russia, Korea, etc. Hell, even mere state governors are peons and not worthy to sit at the table with the benighted Beltwaytarians–if you are only governor of “small state”, that is. Gee, I wonder what citizens of, say, most states outside Yankeeland, California, and DC think about that snub? These condescending attacks on Palin, small-town america, “small” states, and normalism are just amazing to behold.

And what’s that say about, say, housewives and career women? I guess they’ve never “thought about” these weighty matters either? I guess they’re too busy breastfeeding or running in beauty pageants or merely being mayors of “small” towns.

Hell, Alaska is even more backward and lacking of culture and interesting people than Auburn, Alabama. And forget about liberals for a sec–how could the Kochtopus support this ticket? Listen to these cackling hypocrites. Is dissing Alaska as some hick backwater supposed to help them with voters?

Seitzman continues: “There is not a fireball’s chance in Alaska that Sarah Palin could make that argument in a debate with Joe Biden. She lacks the gravitas, she lacks the knowledge, she lacks the experience. If she were a news anchor we’d say she reeks of local.”

Read that again: She REEKS OF LOCAL? Oh my God, if only I were a Republican so I could enjoy this self-immolation. These clueless condescending nabobs are going to just bury themselves, the condescending, these “cosmopolitan”, “urbane,” “hip” morons!

As a friend noted, “I must admit I found the statement about “mayor of a town of 9,000″ particularly stupid. If somebody could pull out a map for me and show me where, precisely, they intend to pick up electoral votes with such a statement, I would be thrilled. In fact, if ever a party were determined from the outset to find a way to win the popular vote and lose the electoral college, it would look an awful lot like what the D’s are up to these days. Of course, maybe they are trying to lose both – here I had thought that the popular vote was a foregone conclusion, but Obama, et al. are trying to lose even that.”

Finally, see this collection of demonrat comments on Palin. It’s just incredible. As a friend of mine might say, LOL Democrats!

Update: S.M. Oliva notes in a post on the Mises blog: “… it seems to me that “experience” is more about the possession of certain credentials then time spent furthering the evils of the state. Mr. Obama may not have any particular legislative achievements or “executive” experience, but he does possess an undergraduate degree from Columbia and a law degree from Harvard. Mrs. Palin, in contrast, has only an undergraduate degree from the University of Idaho – her fourth stop in an extended college career – financed partially through her winnings as a beauty pageant contestant. She is, as one Democrat told me yesterday, one step removed from white trash.

Update 2: See Stefan Karlsson’s post Democrats Fall Into Trap:

Stephan Kinsella has an interesting post of how McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin will lure Democrats into showing their contempt for anything outside the small post-modernist libertine elite of the Party, and most specifically people with traditional values in rural America. Or in other words, the white working class “Reagan Democrat” types which the Democrats need to win over to win the election, and could have won over if they weren’t so patronizing against them. Obama’s gaffe about bitter rural Americans clinging to guns and religion in front of San Francisco donors was a prelude to this. While the Obama campaign has so far been smart enough to abstain from repeating this gaffe after Palin’s nomination, his media backers have not been so smart. Kinsella mentions several examples of this, and then there is also this piece by Obama supporter Robert Reich that heaps contempt upon her for having lived her life and had actual leadership experience in a small town in a rural state. If Democrats keep expressing this contemptuous attitude towards Middle America, McCain-Palin will actually win in a year that given the state of the economy “should” be impossible to win for a Republican ticket.

See, e.g., this comment by a liberal reader of the Reich blog post linked by Karlsson: “If McCain gets elected, whats next? Walmart check out clerk nominated for Sec. of Labor? NASCAR driver for Sec. of Transportation.”

Yet another enlightened liberal tells us, in a crass, hypocritical, sexist comment dripping with contempt for normalcy:

OK I’m gonna be rude here – Palin has nice hooters. This choice is beyond briliant. Only Mrs Clinton could have outdone this. I can’t help but belive that the Dems would win in a landslide with Hil as VP. Unless the Dems can exploit Palin’s scandals quick enough, her hooters will carry her to office. Yes they will, I’m sorry to say. We’re dealing with the American electorate here, not a bunch of geniuses.

See also Scott Horton’s post, “I don’t know ya’ll, it really is a tough one

Are the Democrats more stupid or condescending? I know it’s a difficult choice, but if there was a gun to my head, I guess I’d have to say… Condescending.

Hey Democratic Party, I know I speak for literally dozens of people when I say, go and f*ck yourselves. (You don’t realize this, so I’ll tell you: Actually, it turns out, it’s us average “white trash” Americans who work for voluntary pay rather than parasitically sucking off the state our whole live like you, who are the sh*t, while you are simply… sh*t.)

Personally, I kinda hope you lose, just so that when John McCain starts a nuclear war I’ll be able to remind you that it wasn’t anything good about him, but rather decent Americans’ widespread distaste for you, which allowed him the power.

Update: Re Palin “Reeks of Local” — The Dumb, Dumb Demonrats: One “Susan Reimer” writes: “You want to look good to the evangelicals? Choose a running mate with a Down syndrome child.” Wow. How disgusting.

She goes on: Palin is a “car-pooling supermom who went from PTA activist to mayor of her tiny (population 9,000) Alaskan town.” Note the sneering, condescending epithet tiny. All the liberals are working that one in. I guess they got their marching orders.

And then this horrendous comment, which would be attacked as sexist if uttered by a normal person: “The jokes started immediately: She won’t be able to hold her own against Joe Biden in a vice presidential debate. But wait until the swimsuit portion of the competition. …
Can you at least make a choice that doesn’t have Rush Limbaugh panting? (He called Palin a “babe.” It was another memorable moment in the ascent of women in this country.)”

I.e., she’s too pretty. We feminists don’t like pretty women.

Update: Wendy McElroy has two good posts on Palin: My Take on Sarah Palin and Smart Politicians Worry Me. From the latter:

This is exactly what Palin needs to do — embrace the young man as family and publicly glow about the expected grandchild as wonderful news. Make the liberals (and not the conservatives) be the ones to cry out “OMG, a teenager had sex! The horror! The horror!” Make them look petty and ridiculous, anti-family and anti-forgiveness. Let them take the rap for politically exploiting the sex life of a 17-year-old; let them be the ones to smirk with glee or foam with faux outrage over a child that is wanted and welcomed. Meanwhile, as long as Palin’s daughter carries the fetus to term and marries the father, will show compassion and applaud the manner in which a commonplace — albeit unfortunate — situation is being handled. This kid’s pregnancy is a plus for the GOP.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Palin literally embraces Johnston on the GOP convention stage. What a photo op that would be! Not that Palin needs to draw media attention by dangling enticements. The woman has accomplished a near-impossible feat. She’s made Obama 2nd-page news.

11:55 pm on August 30, 2008