Palin calls the back-stabbers of Washington ‘jerks’

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The fact that Palin is surprised by any of this, shows just how deep her ignorance and inexperience goes.

I am not among the people who found Palin’s naivete and ignorance of the national and international political systems to be charming. I know that even some libertarians found her simplicity engaging, but if Palin were the greatest libertarian in the world (which she most certainly isn’t), her intellectual shortcomings would have simply rendered her easy prey for the Dick Cheneys and Bill Kristols of the world. At this point in her life, on complex political matters, if she ever had a conflict with some experienced but horrible conservative figure like, say, Lindsay Graham, all she would likely be capable of is smiling, nodding, and ultimately doing what she’s told by the party leaders.

The fact that she was praising Ron Paul one minute and then campaigning 24/7 for McCain the next shows how reliable she is.

Ron Paul is valuable not because he’s some kind of “aw shucks” rustic, but because he simultaneously understands the ways of Washington and is truly against the power of the state. Some rube who utters “you betcha” a lot may go to Washington with good intentions, but will inevitably end up outsmarted by the very smart people who run the biggest and most well-funded state apapratus in the history of human civilization.

The game in Washington is defined by backstabbing and throwing people under the bus who get in your way. Paranoia and Machiavellian tactics are the name of the game, and indeed are the only mind-sets that are respected. True, things are similar in the state capitals too, but pale in comparison to what goes on in DC.

Once Palin failed to impress, the McCain aides threw her overboard. This isn’t surprising in the least. The best that could come of this is for Palin to disavow DC politics and commit her life to badmouthing Washington. I doubt that will happen though as she is too committed to conservatism to truly distrust the state.

10:03 am on November 9, 2008