Paleos vs. Vegans (Again). Snore.

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This article is only worth a visit because this topic is so worth noting that it is so unworthy of our attention in the long run. This article, “Why Vegans and Paleos Should Stop hating Each Other,” is written by a vegan because only vegans care about this irrelevant tripe.

I do not diss the author, however. Indeed, the author makes many valid and accurate points. While the paleo “diet” has been erroneously trotted out as a fad in numerous anti-paleo circles, the author makes the crucial point that paleo is nothing more than a return to real (whole/traditional) foods as an antidote to the Standard Diet of western civilization that is based on chemicals laced with food, or, as I also refer to it, the industrial diet of convenience.

Where the author fails is in his lack of conveying why there is and has been a rift between the vegetarian/vegan camp and the paleo camp. Those promoting the paleo diet are relatively new in the scheme of things while modern vegetarianism has been around for a few generations. The modern paleo movement is only politically motivated in the sense that paleos, in general, tend to reject the politics of food that are built upon coercive foundations wherein the Industrial Food Machine has corrupted the science, manufacture, farming, and distribution of food.

Vegans, on the other hand, are oftentimes purely motivated by political views. Tom Naughton refers to these types as the vegan true believers. So much of the vegetarian/vegan movement is rooted in collective beliefs about how the world should work, and how others should live according to the prevailing platitudes. At their worst, vegetarians/vegans are absorbed in their collective, fanatical political leanings that originate from their human-hating views that come to be defined as “animal rights” hypotheses.

Paleos eat meat, and a lot of it, and they make no bones about it. It is a choice rooted in their personal judgment of science and health, whether or not that science is right or wrong. Paleo is a choice. Paleos do not obsess endlessly on what vegetarians/vegans eat because they eat the same core diet (except for grains) as vegetarians while taking on the addition of animal products. Consequently, paleos have no political agenda from which to reject and attack the vegetarian lifestyle. The vegetarian/vegans, on the other hand, have plenty to say about the meat-eating paleos because the more militant among them reject meat for political/philosophical reasons and thus they are aggressive about imposing their politically-motivated lifestyle upon others in the same way that all political factions look to coerce others toward their own views and behavior.

I’ve argued before that the non-political veggie-ists and paleos have everything in common: desire for traditional, whole foods; health as a high priority; and the rejection of modern disease-inducing industrial slop. So the vegan wars on paleos are, as Tom Naughton notes, an appeal for fanaticism that the rest of us need to ignore.

7:28 pm on September 17, 2013