PaleoRecipearianism: Neoconfederate Soup

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Here goes a seasonal recipe for us Northerners that are starting to remember what the phrase “freezing yer tush off” means. The recipe normally has some kinda boring name like “Thy Superior Vegetable-Beef Amalgamation,” or something similar. However, considering this here comment by Mr. Henley, I shall rename it “neoconfederate soup” :

5 qts. water
3 Tab worcestershire sauce
1/2 teasp pepper
3 Tab Mrs. Dash salt seasoning
A bit ‘o seasoned salt
A touch of fresh garlic
5 or 6 beef boullion cubes
Big, juicy beef shank with lots ‘o meat (or 2 medium size)

Simmer this concoction for about 2.5 – 3 hours. Boil it for a few minutes first. Then take out the beef shanks, cut off the meat in strips (it’ll almost fall off), and give the bone parts to your doggie. The puppy will love you. Then skim off the poo-poo that floated to the top of the pot.Now add:

2 small onions – chopped
1.5 cup celery
2 cup carrots
2 cup potato or turnip
2.5 cup cabbage
32 oz. of whole tomatoes – cut up (Dump the juice from the cans into the broth)
3 Tab parsley flakes (only fresh!)

Cook about one hour. Dig in. Save leftovers for the next day……and the next…..and the next……

Hat tip to Henley.

1:06 pm on December 4, 2004