Paleo/Primal and Vegetarian Harmony

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We paleo-primals shouldn’t clash with our vegetarian friends in the Real Foodist camp, that is, unless they are promoting the federal food pyramid debacle or attacking our choice to live our wonderfully healthy lifestyles based in animal fat and protein. After all, serious paleo-primal peoples are veggieaholics, too. We have much in common with our veggie brothers and sisters. On that note, here are three great products we can all love.

It was only today that this extraordinary product fell into my lap (almost literally): Dole Nutrition Institute’s Portobello Mushroom Powder. No junk or additives – just dried and ground portobello mushrooms. It can be purchased at Dole’s website. Today I tried it sprinkled on my free-range, slow-fried eggs, and I also mixed it in with my leftover mashed sweet potatoes to make sweet potato-portobello patties. This product is a great idea, and I only wish I knew it was available before now.

The other product is a local product from my neck of the woods made by monks at the Detroit Zen Center that is now available on Amazon: Living Zen Raw Kale Chips. The monks use clean ingredients, always, such as vinegar instead of vegetable oil. Clicking on this link will allow you to purchase it from Amazon while making some dough for at no extra cost to you. Next time I visit the Zen center I will ask them why their unique Kale salt is not available on Amazon.

Another great product available vis Lew’s Link on Amazon is Kaia organic, sprouted pumpkin seeds – dried, not roasted in vegetable oil. Give it a try.

2:11 pm on December 1, 2012