Paleo Keister

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Sometimes I wonder if readers have any idea how much fun some of us writers have with certain topics. People often get upset at tone and harsh words, but often, the words are inspired by a passion for the truth, and behind that, a mischievous sense of humor. I know that my fellow writer Amy Alkon had a blast with this post about my paleo-primal passions. I like the way she wove various snippets from a couple of my articles. The photo and caption at the end had me cackling. Body By Bacon. She is having fun. Combine that bacon and other delicious meat with Lew Rockwell’s sweet potato secrets and throw away the processed poisons. Then listen to Amy Alkon’s interview with Wheat Belly author Dr. William Davis tonight @ 7pm Pacific and 10pm Eastern.

5:53 pm on November 25, 2012