Paging the ‘Religious Freedom’ Champion!

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This morning our pastor, a frequent pilgrim to the Holy Land, recounted how hard it is to be a Christian there these days. Where the population of the Holy Land was 37% Christian just fifteen years ago, today it has fallen to one percent, he said.

Unlike Iraq, where hundreds of thousands of Christians have been driven out (and tens of thousands more killed), thanks to George W. Bush’s triumphant installation of Democracy there, the Christians in the Holy Land have been driven out primarily by their Jewish neighbors — with the support of their government. of course.

Who you gonna call? Why, the “religious freedom champion,” of course — a.k.a. Elliott Abrams, whom those Christian-loving Republicans just appointed to a body called “the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.”

Who better to stand up to the Israeli persecutors of Christians than the man who ran American Middle Eastern policy from the White House while…er…well, while the Christian population of the Holy Land plummeted from 37% to almost imperceptible levels?

Moreover, Abrams is the author of an intriguing work called “Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America” — cataloging, no doubt, the danger of the disappearance of Jews from the U.S. Isn’t he the perfect religious freedom advocate to deliver an ultimatum to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu? “Let my people go!” might not work, but how about “Faith or Fear: How Christians Can Survive in a Jewish Israel”?

11:57 am on May 27, 2012