Paging Dr. Mengele and Nurse Ratched

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Ah, Obummercare. Turning hospitals into airports, where government’s goons will abuse patients as if they were passengers (because yes, today’s ruling is just another step along the path to completely nationalized medicine). You might think the TSA would have persuaded even Progressives that their god Leviathan is one brutal, perverted cuss. Given how the agency’s deviants bully, ogle, gate-rape, and steal from healthy travelers, what cruelties will Obummercare’s practitioners wreak on their sick and very vulnerable victims?

Speaking of nationalized aviation, Powell Gammil wrote to whole-heartedly concur with the advice one “frequent flyer” offered for a less traumatic transit through the TSA’s territory, i.e., “always, always be extremely, extremely nice to the TSA agents” Powell suggests that you “strike up a conversation.  Express serious concern for their health being exposed to the x-rays emanating from those machines they stand next to all day. Thank them for shortening their lives to protect yours for rather poor pay. Wish them the best of luck with their cancer claims against the federal government down the road.”

How fitting that the thugs will have to rely on Obummercare to ease them into their early graves. Here’s hoping their fellow federal employees at the hospice treat them with all “the tender love and care” that they themselves dished out at checkpoints.

1:33 pm on June 28, 2012