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The Crucial Importance of Power Elite Analysis

This Sybil Edmonds interview on the crucial importance of Power Elite Analysis is an excellent complement to Lew Rockwell’s superb LRC interview today of Peter Dale Scott discussing his forthcoming book, The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U. S. Democracy. As I pointed out in my LRC article, Hidden History: Where Organized Crime and Government Meet:

An understanding of Libertarian Class Analysis is the “litmus test” separating real libertarians from alternative lifestyle dilettantes dabbling in free market theory. Sometimes labeled “Power Elite Analysis” or “Establishment Studies,” this examination of causal relationships regarding the nature and scope of political power, who has it and how it is exercised, is crucial to understanding the nexus between the State and organized crime. We will show the similarity between this analysis and what researcher Peter Dale Scott calls “Deep Politics,” the critical examination of the sub-rosa reality behind surface events, an attempt to unmask the true face of power, exposing the elite social, economic, and financial groups and individuals who benefit from the exercise of State coercion.


11:09 am on October 18, 2014

Sibel Edmonds

Earlier in a fascinating and probing LRC interview, Lew Rockwell talked with Sibel Edmonds, FBI whistleblower, founder and author of the new spy mystery novel The Lone Gladio. In this intriguing follow-up Edmonds sits down with James Corbett to discuss her book, how it was written, and how its fictional events and characters intersect with reality. From the power of self-publishing to subvert the traditional corporate media gatekeeper system to Operation Gladio and staged terror, these conversations cover it all.

10:16 am on October 18, 2014

Yikes! They’re Starting to Take Dr. Emanuel’s Advice!

Well, the State-stenographers are already beginning to discuss the idea of selective treatment for Ebola patients. Last night on the CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley interviewed his chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook, a gastroenterologist. Pelley said that several hospital administrators told him that “if they had a critically ill Ebola patient, they might withhold heroic, life-saving measures in order to protect their own staff.” First of all, who the hell are these “administrators”? I can see how medical bureaucrats do not seem to understand that physicians and other medical staff are trained to treat seriously ill and contagious patients, and are supposed to understand the risks involved in being around diseased people, even with something as serious as Ebola. If they aren’t willing to accept those risks, then they probably should not be in that line of work, period.

But thanks to the decline in ethics these days, now they’re saying that they will withhold treatment altogether because of the risks involved. The “doctor” on stage, Dr. LaSpook, I mean, LaPook, then responded to Pelley’s points by saying that medical ethicists are now discussing whether or not to administer dialysis on such patients, discussing “end of life” issues, etc. Hmmm. Even without reference to ObamaCare they are talking “death panels,” and so on. So, for all you diehard sheeple out there, you might want to reconsider making fun of those who have referred to “death panels.” And these will not be families discussing “end of life issues” with their sick loved ones — no, these will be government doctors, because with Amerika’s own version of SovietCare, all doctors (except for the underground, i.e. ethical ones) will be government doctors.

The current Rulers’ views on “end of life” discussions can be seen in former Obama Special Advisor for Health Policy, Ezekiel Emanuel, who believes in “allocating and rationing” of medical care. But these guys want the government to be in full control of the goods and services being “allocated and rationed.” (Yeah, that sure worked out in the Soviet Union, don’t you know!) And former Obama Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Donald Berwick also believes in government-rationing of health care services. Most LaSpooky of them all, the current Obama “Science Czar,” John Holdren, who believes that trees should have the same legal rights as humans, and who believes that a born baby will “ultimately develop into a human being,” had written a book endorsing various government-imposed measures for population control. Yes, these are our Rulers, folks.

Now, I’m sure the diehard sheeple out there will not think it too absurd that such government doctors at these government-funded medical facilities might actually base their imposed “end of life” decisions on a patient’s age, disability, or usefulness to the community as Dr. Emanuel has proposed. But we are talking about government doctors and bureaucrats but I repeat myself. Members of the political class, in other words. And the political class is an entirely State apparatus, in which those who believe in independence, who dissent from the Regime are to be weeded out. We’re seeing this every day now in the news, from Obama’s tyrannical IRS, his war on the Press and whistleblowers, and the intolerance from MSM propagandists, etc. So with Ebola, just which patients who are in need of treatment will be saved by government doctors? Tea Party conservatives? Gun owners? Homeschoolers? (Yeah, right.)

8:42 am on October 18, 2014

The CIA and Drug-Trafficking: Affidavit by Peter Dale Scott


Affidavit by Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D.

My name is Peter Dale Scott. I am an author with a doctorate in Political Science from McGill University. After four years as a diplomat in the Canadian Foreign Service I taught for thirty-three years at the University of California, Berkeley.

Four of my books have dealt with the problem of drug-traffickers who owe their prominence and protection to their involvement with CIA-backed covert operations. The most relevant of these books is Cocaine Politics, co-authored with Jonathan Marshall and published in 1991 by the University of California Press.  (Four of the chapters dealt with the subject of Contras and drug-trafficking, including the California network of Norwin Meneses.) (1)

At various times I have taken leave from teaching to conduct full-time research into covert politics. In 1970 I was a Guggenheim Fellow for a year. In 1973 I took leave again for six months, for part of which I was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for International Studies at M.I.T. In 1987 I served in Washington for six months as a Senior Fellow at, and drug consultant to, the Center for International Development Policy, gathering information in support of the investigation into Drugs and Foreign Policy conducted at that time by Senator John Kerry.  In that capacity I consulted with a number of experts in Washington inside and outside government. I was also a personal eyewitness to the falsity of a story published in the Washington Post (and subsequently retracted) which exonerated the Contras from involvement in drug-trafficking (2).

My researches into U.S. government involvement with drug-traffickers date back to 1970, when I wrote a book, The War Conspiracy, about the origins of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.  I returned to this topic yet again in 1986, when I noticed that certain Cuban exiles I had already written about, some of them indicted or convicted drug-traffickers were involved in the Contra support movement in Costa Rica. (3)

After twenty-five years of research, I have come to believe, as I wrote in 1992, that “governments themselves, and the links they develop with major traffickers, are the key both to the drug-trafficking problem and to its solution.” (4)

The United States Government is by no means the only example of such involvement, but it is the one with the most deleterious impact on its own citizens.

One can see this impact in the efforts in the 1980s by the CIA, and later Oliver North, to arrange for extra-governmental support for the Contras. These arrangements led to documented U.S. government involvement with, and often support to, top-level drug-traffickers in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama, as well as with domestic traffickers in the states of Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and California. This recurring pattern of involvement with those who dominated the drug traffic cannot be dismissed as an accidental or coincidental aberration.  (more…)

8:02 pm on October 17, 2014

Ron Paul Blasts ‘Deeply Flawed’ US Foreign Policy — Interview With Larry King

Ron Paul appeared on Larry King’s “Politiking” program this week to discuss Ebola, Obama, foreign policy and so much more. Dr. Paul and the always amiable and respectful Mr. King hit on a wide variety of issues. 

For example, Dr. Paul says that President Obama’s plan to send in 3,000 US troops to battle Ebola in Liberia is “really weird,” warning that the move could cause the virus to spread even further.

Watch this great interview here:

4:56 pm on October 17, 2014

More Slaves to Liberia

US soldiers, having unfortunately enlisted in the military, are temporary slaves. If they do not do what their bosses say, they can be jailed or even shot. So far, Obama has ordered 4,000 soldiers to Liberia as armed social workers. Only 500 are there now, government being slo-mo, with 4 hours of training in Ebola. Obama has now signed an imperial edict giving himself power to ship members of the reserves and national guard against their will to Liberia. These guys have families and jobs. They are not part of the regular military. If some of the Ebola expeditionary force get sick, will others say, as some of us used to, Hell no, we won’t go?

3:14 pm on October 17, 2014

Biden Family Values: Leniency for us, stern prohibition for the mundanes

Asked by Time magazine last February about the possibility of decriminalizing marijuana nation-wide, Vice President Joe Biden insisted that “smarter enforcement” of federal drug statutes was a better idea.

For “smarter” he apparently means “selective and self-serving.” If this weren’t the case, Biden’s pampered and dim-witted son Hunter would be facing the prospect of prison time.

In 2012, Hunter Biden decided he wanted to join the US Naval Reserve as a direct-commission public affairs officer. Because of a drug-related incident in his background, he was given a special waiver. Last year his dilettante military career was ended when he was discharged after a drug test turned up evidence of cocaine use. A few months later, perhaps as a consolation prize, Hunter was made a board member of Ukraine’s largest oil company, an appointment that doubtless had a great deal to do with the fact that the company is owned by the U.S.-installed regime in Kiev.

Biden, who does not face prosecution, told Fox News that he was “moving forward” with the support of his family. That includes his sister Ashley, who was arrested on drug charges in 1999 but never prosecuted – and is now employed as a “child welfare” bureaucrat in Delaware, where she is probably involved in stealing children from parents who occasionally use proscribed substances but aren’t part of a politically protected clan.

During his decades in the U.S. Senate, including a long stint as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Vice President Joe Biden distinguished himself as among the most militant drug warriors in Washington. He proudly recalled to Time that he is “the guy who did the crime bill and the drug czar.” He also promoted the widespread practice of asset forfeiture, the use of the RICO law to turn petty drug offenses into federal conspiracy prosecutions, and supported military aid to wage the drug war overseas.

Biden obviously does support decriminalization of drugs, but only on a case-by-case basis. He has done more than his share to ruin countless lives in the name of drug prohibition. Thanks in no small measure to Joe Biden’s efforts, millions of people who have done no harm to anyone but themselves have been fed into the prison and parole system. Hunter and Ashley Biden would be among them, were they not the glorious outpouring of privileged loins.

12:41 pm on October 17, 2014

Gamers vs. PC Bullies

Writes Adam:

The #Gamergate controversy is a consumer revolt of fans of video games who are demanding ethical and ideology-free journalism in their hobby and has been going on since about mid-August. This goes back a few years, since roughly 2009 or so. In that time, there’s been an increase in radical feminist and social justice-laced opinion pieces and outrage/clickbait articles on major game journalism websites (eg Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, Polygon, etc), mostly focusing on the supposed misogyny and “boys club” mentality of gaming culture, at the expense of actual reporting on video games.

During these years, gamers, some of the most inclusive folks in the world, grinned and bore it as the hysterical shouts of misogyny grew louder, culminating this past August in mass censorship on social media sites like Reddit in the wake of a sex scandal between an indie game developer and various game journalists, with her exchanging sex for favorable coverage of her game at the expense of more deserving ones, as well as her sabotage of a charity drive specifically set up to help women break into the game development industry. When the discussion began, she hid behind the claims of sexism and played victim, and most of these journalists shielded her, outright insulting the gaming population as “privileged straight white male virgin neckbeard misogynists,” and insisting they as an identity were “dead,” posting this vitriol in the form of 10 articles around major outlets on the net all in a 24-hour period.

The progressive busybodies are scared, because this is one of the first major pushbacks against their social justice agenda that has weaseled its way into many other subcultures, so they’re pulling out all the stops, painting this as a hate movement full of misogynists and serial harassers, comparing gamers to terrorists, and saying they’re worse than ISIS. All in all, they don’t realize who they’ve gone up against: a subculture of peaceful people who want politics out of their hobby and are programmed to win.


9:21 am on October 17, 2014

Why is That Man Not Wearing a Space Suit?

In one of John Stossel’s old ABC News documentaries entitled “Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?” he showed film footage of an old consumer report he did back in the day on the chemical spills at Times Beach, Missouri and Love Canal, New York.  The context of this was that Stossel was questioning the veracity of his own former consumer report by asking (paraphrasing):  “Why are those EPA guys walking around in space suits while we reporters were just standing next to them in street clothes?” (Go to minute 17:30 in the video).  Good question.  There turned out to be no evidence of any bad health effects at either place.

I was reminded of this yesterday while viewing this video of CDC guys in space suits transporting an “ebola patient,” also in a space suit, while some guy in a suit and tie hovers around, hands them things, takes things from them, etc.  Hmmmmm.

8:42 am on October 17, 2014

Leonard Liggio, RIP

Writes Ralph Raico:

Leonard Liggio, RIP

Leonard Liggio has died, at the age of 81.

He was my friend for close to sixty years, and I came to know him well. Today my mind is filled with thoughts and memories of him.

Leonard was a Catholic, a scholar, and a libertarian.

His Catholic faith was his lodestar. Leonard was a “birthright Catholic,” and from his childhood through to university and graduate work at Georgetown and Fordham and for the rest of his life, Leonard enriched his understanding of his religion and participated in the sacraments of his Church. Ultimately, he was admitted into the Order of the Knights of Malta.

But he was also a Christian in another sense as well. I never witnessed Leonard treat other people with anything but evident respect, and his life was filled with innumerable kindnesses. A small example: once Leonard took me to a meeting of Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker group. Day was a left-anarchist with confused views on economics, but he favored her for her opposition to war and because each year she and her associate Ammon Hennacy publicly protested on the anniversary of the atomic incineration of the Japanese cities. I saw Leonard privately slip to Day what was at the time a notable contribution. Here also he was following Jesus’s admonition, “When you do some act of charity, do not announce it with a flourish of trumpets, as the hypocrites do in synagogue and in the streets…when you do some act of charity, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing…”

Leonard Liggio was a humble man. He never stood in judgment of the personal foibles and idiosyncrasies of his friends. I suppose he believed that his job was to see to the perfecting of his own soul. Yet he could act forcefully. Once when we traveling in Europe, in Germany as I recall, I was startled to hear Leonard say, “Your hand is in my pocket!” I saw that he had caught a young woman’s forearm in an iron grip. He cast it disdainfully away, and the little thief scampered off.

Leonard was a man of immense learning, the most learned person I knew of his generation. Yet no one ever wore his learning more lightly. He pioneered the study of the highly significant school of French liberals of the early nineteenth century, introducing them to the English-speaking world. He introduced Murray Rothbard and me to historical revisionism, which has become a standard component of libertarian thought today. I know that Murray very much appreciated Leonard’s many suggestions in regard to his multi-volume work, Conceived in Liberty, on libertarian currents in colonial and revolutionary America.


4:06 pm on October 16, 2014

Has Alexa Become a Corrupt Shill For the Left?

It’s certainly seems so, as this article from Infowars lays out in devastating fashion. Beginning in September, the Amazon-owned web analytics giant made some kind of change to how it ranks the traffic of websites. Notably, conservative and libertarian sites have seen a plunge in popularity since the change, whereas left-wing sites such as ThinkProgress, Media Matters, and Daily Kos have enjoyed a precipitous rise. Most notably for concerned readers here is that LRC is indeed also a victim of this change.

3:02 pm on October 16, 2014

Just When You Think the TSA Can’t Get Any More Ludicrous, Ebola Comes Along

The TSA sprang into action, albeit a few days late, when “the second Texas nurse confirmed with Ebola” flew home to Dallas after visiting her family in Ohio. The agency’s clowns “disinfect[ed] all the security checkpoints at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport as a precaution” yesterday.

Unfortunately, the lady had passed through the airport two days previously—and, according to Our Rulers at the CDC, “Ebola on dried on [sic] surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops can survive for [only] several hours.”

Hmmm. The Keystone Kops go Keystonier.

Mark Howell, one of the Kops’ multitude of tax-gobbling sponges and spokesliars, “noted,” “’It’s nothing official,’ … [because] the precaution wasn’t undertaken at the direction of the Centers for Disease Control. ‘It’s just something that our folks wanted to do, in an overabundance of caution.’”

Whoa! “An overabundance of caution”! I guess that beats the TSA’s usual “abundance of caution,” which level of alarm it gins up for such absurdities as a sock-monkey’s pistol, “a suspicious note…in a seat pocket onboard a … flight,” and confused, oblivious passengers (the Kops shut down “McNamara Terminal, in some capacity, for nearly 2 1/2 hours” in May after “a man who exited the secured gate area through the exit. After crossing the threshold at which you must re-screen through security to return, the suspect turned around, ‘ignored’ a TSA employee’s order to go back through security and walked away into the terminal…” Oh, the horror! The possible carnage without that “abundance of caution”!). It seems the TSA resorts to an “overabundance” of said “caution” when its silliness descends from merely futile to totally useless.

Then, too, this new-found concern for our health is rich, given that the TSA has done all it can to endanger prisoners’—sorry, passengers’ well-being. Whether forcing us to tread filthy, MRSA-infested airport floors in bare feet or sexually assaulting us with gloves that have groped other victims’ most intimate crannies, the Kops actively threaten us with contagion. Indeed, since “Airport pat-downs [sic for ‘molestation’] may raise infection risk,” shouldn’t Our Rulers finally, at long last, prohibit the TSA from pawing us?

Ah, but that would not only destroy their fun, it might slow the spread of Ebola and other diseases. Expect the TSA to continue its crimes—and its “overabundance of caution” after the fact.

11:57 am on October 16, 2014

I Care More about U.S. Troops than the Government Does

I, the author of War, Empire, and the Military, care more about U.S. troops than the government does. I don’t want them to fight any senseless foreign wars. I don’t want them to shed one drop of blood. I don’t want them to invade and occupy foreign countries. I don’t want them stationed on foreign military bases. I want them home with their families. I want them to do nothing more than actually defend the United States. And what is the attitude of the U.S. government toward “the troops”? Not only are they pawns and cannon fodder, but now comes word that the government withheld treatment from its soldiers in Iraq that were exposed to chemical weapons. The troops and their supporters ought to thank me for my service.

11:20 am on October 16, 2014

Walter Block: Anarchic Courts and More!

By Luis Rivera III

Here Dr. Walter Block, host Daniel Rothchild and other guests go over a number of topics including:

-Courts in an anarchic society and how applied moral philosophies such as deontology and utilitarianism can help with libertarian hypothetical constructs.

-Punitive settlements which are non-monetary such a installing fear to your perpetrator.

-The differences in battles that legitimate courts would face

-The intrinsic free market hindrances against bandit courts and the intrinsic incentives for legitimate courts.

“The ruling class in America or any country is about…2 percent of the people yet they bamboozle 98 of percent of the people. If 98 percent of the people got together they could knockout the rulers. But what the rulers do is suborn the intellectuals and the intellectuals say…‘divine right of kings, divine right of democracy – These guys are great and we all have to follow them.’ -Walter Block

Walter Block: Anarchic Courts and More!

10:39 am on October 16, 2014

Ron Paul: Stocks Are in a Bubble and Will Crash

Thanks to Daniel McAdams for this great CNBC Ron interview from from July.

10:37 am on October 16, 2014

With ObamaCare and Big Pharma, Has “First Do No Harm” Been Forgotten?

Besides the Justina Pelletier case, there probably have been many cases throughout the U.S. of local hospitals/medical researchers providing “less than the highest quality medical care” for their child patients, and then calling over CPS/DCF to seize the child from the parents (for the very likely purposes of using the children as guinea pigs for human experimentation in developing new drugs for Big Pharma and receiving federal funds, etc.), and then imposing gag orders on the parents so they can’t even tell their story to others.

A more recent case seems to be that of Melissa Diegel whose two daughters, 12-year-old Kayla and 10-year-old Hannah, were kidnapped by CPS in Arizona on behalf of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Most recently, Hannah might possibly be in critical condition due to her chronic asthma condition for which she needs an inhaler and an epipen which apparently have been withheld from her by the “doctors.”

And this seems to be an extremely rampant problem in Arizona, according to this lengthy update by Health Impact News.

As I have stated before, when “doctors” call for government agents to seize children away from their families and forcibly change course on medical care against parents’ wishes, such doctors are criminals, in my view. And if ObamaCare fascism remains as established policy, we can expect many more Doctors Mengele in charge (and more profits for Big Pharma based on illicit research and a lust for federal funds).

10:18 am on October 16, 2014

Since When Do Rulers Ever Harm Their Own People?

It appears that a major radio personality actually agrees with my speculation that certain elements amongst those who rule over us might actually want to harm us, and that includes using biological warfare, such as Ebola. Talk radio host Michael Savage pointed out the absurdity of sending 4,000 U.S. troops into those western Africa countries in which thousands are dying, supposedly from Ebola. Of course some of those soldiers will get infected and possibly spread the virus here in the U.S. when they return. But while thousands are dying supposedly of Ebola in Africa, hundreds of thousands there are dying of malaria, and hundreds of thousands of people are dying each year of seasonal flu, both facts according to this Guardian article.

But the denial in the clueless MSM that Obama and his minions would possibly intentionally try to cause harm to Americans was expressed by Jake Tapper of CNN, in which he responded to Michael Savage’s remarks by stating, “It’s hard to even know where to start with that one – the idea that the president wants to infect soldiers and then Americans. It’s so unhinged, we should probably not bother dignifying it with fact-checking.”

No, God forbid news reporters would ever check facts, and history, such as the history of how past politicians and Rulers have operated. We need not know anything about Mao, Stalin, FDR and LBJ, of course. But in this case, with the detention camps that the gubmint already has set up for those disobedient types who “question authority,” etc, there perhaps doesn’t even need to be an Ebola outbreak, only the fear and panic over a threatened outbreak, in which the brainwashed sheeple who love their Rulers will plead and beg the Rulers to jail those who do not comply with orders to quarantine at the very first sign of a sniffle, and jail those (such as Michael Savage) who openly criticize the Dear Leader.

By the way, here is a video excerpt from an interview of the late Larry Grathwohl, the FBI informant who described his experiences as a Weather Underground infiltrator and the kinds of things those PhD-holding pothead commies were actually conjuring up. The Weather Underground, as many already know, is the organization of admitted terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, a close confidant of our current White House Dictator. This was apparently filmed around 1982, but the discussed meetings occurred around the late 1960s.

10:14 am on October 16, 2014

The Government Cult

Here is a video with Larken Rose explaining how statism is a cult, how faith in the State is a religious faith and the State is the people’s god.

Warning: Some of the video clips used in here contain graphic violence, including police beating up on people, and other perhaps more gruesome images of the State’s horrors against humankind, and some of those things might make some people uncomfortable. Actually, the general message of stating quite clearly and frankly the truth of what the State really is might make some people uncomfortable.

10:11 am on October 16, 2014

White House ‘Inherently Resolved’ to Defeat ISIS

Sometimes it takes a while for the PR folks to come up with a branding scheme for another US war.

In the recent past, we had Desert Shield, which gave way to Desert Storm, when the US first attacked Iraq in 1990. Very exciting, like a storm in the desert. Then came “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” A little less dramatic but it got the point across: “we come to give you freedom whether you want it or not.” As it turned out, there was little real freedom produced by Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Now, two months after the US began bombing Iraq again — and Syria as well — Pentagon branders have agreed on a name for President Obama’s determination to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (or Islamic State, or ISIL, or whatever you want to call it).

The name: “Operation Inherent Resolve.”

It was reported that at the first of October when this name was first proposed to describe the operation it was rejected. That is not hard to believe. The phrase seems muddled and meaningless. Hardly the shining sword of freedom striking terror in the hearts of miscreants wherever they may lurk.

The Pentagon nevertheless is making lemonade from this lemon of a war branding, with a press release from US Central Command explaining that:

[T]he name INHERENT RESOLVE is intended to reflect the unwavering resolve and deep commitment of the U.S. and partner nations in the region and around the globe to eliminate the terrorist group ISIL and the threat they pose to Iraq, the region and the wider international community

It also symbolizes the willingness and dedication of coalition members to work closely with our friends in the region…

This is a bit much to swallow. Turkey, while one of these “inherently resolved” partners, is, it seems, far more interested in bombing the Kurds who are fighting ISIS than bombing ISIS itself. They also demand that the US attack and overthrow the Assad government in Syria, which is the main body on the ground fighting ISIS.

How can one be a partner in the fight against ISIS while being completely focused on destroying the enemies of ISIS? Turkey even refused to strike ISIS when it was advancing on a Kurdish village on the Syrian border. They preferred to wait for the Kurds to be slaughtered by ISIS. 

And when the warmongering Susan Rice, the president’s National Security Advisor, announced over the weekend that Turkey had finally allowed the US to use its base on Turkish soil to attack Iraq and Syria, the Turkish government said, “not so fast!”

What’s in a name? Not much, perhaps. But it seems the muddled incoherence of the “Inherent Resolve” label for the latest US war is indeed appropriate for the muddled incoherence of the operation itself…

I am on Twitter.

7:08 am on October 16, 2014

I Feel Really, Really Safe Now

According to a CNN headline this morning our Great Father in Washington “promises a more aggressive approach toward Ebola” including CDS SWAT teams.

Par for the bureaucratic course:  Another headline says “Nurse With Ebola Was Cleared to Fly by CDC.”

Another headline said that 72 healthcare workers who may have been exposed to Ebola in Dallas MAY eventually be prohibited from flying.  Meanwhile, they are all free to fly all around the country, contaminating passengers and entire airplanes, which in turn will contaminate thousands of other passengers.  That is, until some committee of government bureaucrats holds enough meetings to decide that perhaps they should not be allowed to fly after all.  It should make the job of TSA groper more exciting.

5:33 am on October 16, 2014

City of Houston to Pastors: Give Us Copies of Your Sermons

If the sermons have anything to do with homosexuality, gender identity, or Annise Parker, the lesbian mayor. This is disturbing, very disturbing. It is all the result of an anti-discrimination law. Those who support some anti-discrimination laws but oppose others have no consistent and logical argument to make. Discrimination means freedom.

7:22 pm on October 15, 2014

How DARE They Adulterate Our Nationalist Idolatry?!

Hey, they weren't speaking Arabic, so it's all good.

Hey, they weren’t speaking Arabic, so it’s all good.

Nearly every weekday morning in this supposedly free country, schoolchildren are forced to make “Islam” – that is, submissionas part of a mandatory religious ritual.

Oh, sure, in some jurisdictions they are promised that there is “no compulsion in religion,” and non-believers are told that their decision not to participate will be respected. Owing to the intangible but often irresistible influence of peer pressure, those assurances are generally useless, and often specifically ignored by school officials who punish non-conforming children for refusing to submit.

Declaring one’s “allegiance” is a proclamation of servitude. One who makes that pledge is recognizing the object of the ritual as a “Liege,” which is to say a lord or a ruler. Granted, American schoolchildren who repeat the Pledge of Allegiance aren’t required to prostrate themselves, nor are they still instructed to render the fascist-style salute that was once integral to the ritual. The vile essence of the ordinance remains, however.

The chief purpose of the Pledge was to compel those who took it to repudiate the heresy of federalism, in which the “union” was understood to be a constitutional confederation of independent states. That matter, we are told, was settled in blood by the triumph of the political monotheists, who insisted that there was but one Divine State, and Abraham Lincoln (peace be upon him) was its prophet.

The Pledge is also intended to teach the participant to subordinate himself on behalf of the collective and to venerate its symbol as a nationalist totem, and to cultivate the idea that killing and dying in “holy wars” waged on its behalf is the highest and holiest calling.

GOP propagandist Rick Wells, expressing the pious outrage of the true believer, is scandalized that students at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado were recently invited to recite the Pledge of Submission in Arabic.

Principal Tom Lopez denied the predictable accusation that this was an “attempt to push an Islamic agenda,” but rather an effort to “destroy the barriers [and] embrace the cultures” that are found in the local community.

“That would translate into `destroy the barriers to Islam and embrace it, correct, Mr. Lopez?” Wells wrote archly, in a rejoinder worthy of a sinister music cue.

How dare such people defile this compulsory pagan ritual by having the victims perform it in an unfamiliar language? When our children utter the Pledge of Servitude, they should do it in English, just as Lincoln (peace be upon him) intended!

If Principal Lopez and his associates are genuinely interested in breaking down artificial barriers and encouraging mutual respect for cultures, they should jettison the statist doxology altogether and encourage students to learn and practice the Golden Rule – which, unlike nationalist creeds, is of universal legitimacy. It should also be remembered that while the state’s educational cartel exists, there will always be “compulsion in religion.”

12:51 pm on October 15, 2014

Iraq Vet: “We saw the truth”

We published David Gordon’s article on Rothbard and self-defense at, and I thought I would share this one comment from the comment section:

For those of you who believe in using the military to invade a potentially threatening country:

I was in Iraq during 2008-2009, before I got there I believed that the USA was doing great things there. I honestly believed the US was doing good, cleaning up that part of the world. Fortunately I have a bit of background in business and economics.Unless you have been there you will not understand, because everything you hear from the media outlets or the government is either a lie or seriously leaves out important information.

The day I landed at Baghdad International, all those beliefs started to crack. Over the course of the next year everything I believed about the “good” america was doing, went out the window.Here is the truth, before we invaded, Iraq was one of the poorest countries in the world. The people barely got along with each other,because they are a patchwork of cultures and religions that really never wanted to be together. Saddam was just a symptom of that, not the cause. Putting in place democracy does not change any of this, it simply changes from tyranny by an individual to tyranny of the masses.We invaded and basically put into place martial law, which quickly ruined the economy further. Many people could not find work or develop businesses. Iraqis did not trust the currency, many outlying villages and regions were using bottled water, cigarettes and goats for currency.

When the US disbanded the Iraqi military, there was no work,so many of those former troops started joining up with mercenary organizations, “radical” groups and many became the so called “insurgents” (which is invading army code for: “The locals hate us and are attacking us”). In fact a large number of ISIS troops right now were once part of the Iraqi military. The current leader of ISIS AbuBakr al-Baghdadi, was imprisoned by the US for about 5 years, it appears he was tortured. Many former Iraqi generals are now top leaders in ISIS.

On that first day, as my plane came into land at the Baghdad Airport.I looked out the window. Blast holes from American bombs could be seen poke marked around the city. Several bombed out buildings that were abandoned, never repaired. Over the city I could see Apache attack helicopters circling the city, occasionally dropping flares, I was told it was a “Projection of Force” or “Show of Strength” (Read:Threat) to the population. The highways and roads around the city were relatively empty compared to what you would expect from a bustling growing city, although I would see the occasional American military vehicle use the roads. As my plane pulled into the airport I could see the gates and airport vehicles were in disrepair. Flat tires, doors barely hanging from hinges. Had to go through an insane amount of security AFTER I got off the plane, took at least an hour to get through. As I walked through the terminal I noticed whole sections chained off, dust had piled up in some gates from disuse. Up on the ceiling hung the flight schedule for various flights leaving and arriving the airport, they still used flip cards on their flight schedules (instead of the computer monitors you see today in wealthier countries), I was told those flights were from the day before the US invaded Iraq, 5 years earlier. Our base looked like a giant trailer park that had invaded Saddam’s former resort home.Poverty was everywhere, the people were understandably unhappy and the US was making matters worse. Many troops saw the same thing I did,that is why some of the biggest supporters of Ron Paul were coming from the armed forces. Cause we saw the truth.

To this day, I cannot say if there were WMDs in Iraq, but if so I suspect they were not meant for a country thousands of miles away (i.e. USA), more like they were meant for Iraq’s neighbors or its own people. As for Saddam Hussein, remember he was originally a US ally in that region.I am now of the opinion that the USA was the very invading force that we were swore to defend against. We killed a lot of innocent people over there, lets not forget one of the first bombs we dropped when we invaded was on a restaurant in the middle of Baghdad, Saddam was known to frequent this establishment. He was not there but we killed the owner, some workers and a few patrons that happened to be there at the time. All innocent people as far as I am concerned.Finally, I have to say one thing, when people have thanked me for”Serving my country”, I cringe! What does that even mean, do people even know? So I “served” came home and live in a country that according to the freedom index ) ranks between Bahrain and Estonia, I now have to pay some of the highest taxes in the world, in an environment of growing regulations,militarized and corrupt police, marginal and expensive education system, crazy healthcare regulations, I can’t even legally buy the light bulbs I want!!!! So what does it mean to “Serve my country”?Perhaps its code for: Enslaving yourself and innocent people everywhere.

10:32 am on October 15, 2014

Khorasan Group: Anatomy of Propaganda

Remember the Khorasan Group? It was only three weeks ago, when the Obama Administration was desperate for any kind of legal justification for its plan to begin bombing Syria, that we began hearing about a horrifically dangerous group that was worse than ISIS and was in the final stages of planning an attack on the United States.

Absent a threat from Syria, absent Congressional authorization, absent a UN resolution, any US missile strike on Syria would be illegal, an aggressive move characteristic of a rogue state. If a story line could be crafted that there was an imminent threat to the United States, however, the president would have Constitutional authority to thwart the attempted strike.

So that is precisely the line the US administration — through anonymous “senior administration officials” — proceeded to cast out. And the mainstream media fish were all biting.

“Al-Qaida-Affiliated Group Was in ‘Final Stages’ of Planning Attacks Against the West, wrote the National Journal, citing without question those unnamed administration officials.

The always CIA-friendly Time Magazine fell in line:  ”Worse Than ISIS? A Primer on the Khorasan Group.” The rest of the mainstream media followed suit. 

Only independent outlets like the Ron Paul Institute were not buying the line the US regime was selling.

But terrifying Obama Administration tales about the Khorasan Group worked. Almost no one questioned his Constitutional authority to begin bombing a country that had not attacked us and that did not want to be bombed. A majority of Americans, it seemed, were just thrilled that the bombs finally started falling. 

And then the Khorasan Group threat dematerialized. Vanished as quickly as it arrived. Once the bomb doors were opened there was no shutting them. As Bloomberg reported, “A Month of Bombs Dropped in Two Days of Syria Strikes.” 

There was no stopping them now. So Khorasan was thrown down the memory hole. Vanished. Nowhere is this psychological operation better captured than in a recent chart tracing social media mentions of the Khorasan Group on Twitter:


h/t/ Glenn Greenwald.

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11:47 pm on October 14, 2014

Re: The NY Times Has Always Been Evil

Don’t Let Your Friends and Neighbors Down

Vote Republican. That is what the piece of junk mail says that I received today from the Republican Party of Florida. It also says that I should vote because it is my duty, my right, and my future. Election day is fast approaching. Time for an article.

5:41 pm on October 14, 2014

The NY Times Has Always Been Evil

As in its 1878 editorial,  when the Old Grey Hooker called for the lynching of Thomas Edison.

4:48 pm on October 14, 2014

When 68% Means 100%

“Republicans have a 68 percent chance of regaining control of the Senate, according to New York Times statistician Nate Cohn.” This means that should the Republicans take control of the Senate, there is a 100% chance that spending will go up and the debt will increase.

3:04 pm on October 14, 2014

Mises Weekends: Claudio Grass Explains The Upcoming Swiss Gold Referendum

Jeff Deist and Claudio Grass discuss the uniquely Swiss mindset behind the upcoming Swiss gold referendum, and how decentralization of political power is part of Swiss DNA; the tremendous geopolitical aftershocks that would occur if the referendum passes — including the physical repatriation of gold to Switzerland; and how the Swiss people may be waking up to the sellout of their country by the Swiss National Bank and the IMF.

Also at

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12:36 pm on October 14, 2014

Pentagon Says Global Warming Presents Immediate Security Threat

250px-The_Pentagon_January_2008With dollar signs in their eyes, Pentagon officials have jumped on the global warming bandwagon and   ”released a report Monday asserting decisively that climate change poses an immediate threat to national security, with increased risks from terrorism, infectious disease, global poverty and food shortages.” What’s the answer to these many woes? Why, to give the military-industrial complex lots and lots and lots of money.

Why is ISIS gaining ground? Because global warming. The climate experts at the DOD say so.

Not that the Defense Department was ever at risk of seeing any real cuts. What backers of the Pentagon call “draconian cuts” are never more than tiny trims to the rate of increase in Pentagon spending, and of course, the Pentagon is awash on money today, just as it has always been every single day since 1945.

Conservatives and other pro-military groups will likely take issue with this latest bid for more cash from the Pentagon, not because they think the Pentagon is already overfunded but because they’re against the acceptance of global warming/climate change as a real phenomenon. This will be mentioned in the right wing press, but largely overlooked, because for them, the Pentagon is to always be treated with deference and credulity whenever it demands more money.

Not that it will make much difference either way. This global warming report is just a way for the Pentagon to pile on its already huge lobbying effort to keep the money flowing, and there’s no shortage of right wing politicians and pundits calling for an even bigger river of cash flowing to the government in the name of “defense.” This latest report simply offers an opportunity to get a few center-left politicians on board who might have been reluctant to sign yet another blank check for the Pentagon. It also offers a few talking points to the administration in its climate change efforts.

The generals, all of whom are political appointees and lifelong bureaucrats who haven’t held real jobs in decades, will be more than happy to come up with exciting new plans for dealing with global warming, and all the manpower and trillions of dollars that will require over the next 30 or 40 years. It would unpatriotic to do anything less. National security is at stake.

12:33 pm on October 14, 2014