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Rebel and Syrian Army Accommodations and Contracts in Syria

Franklin Lamb always has informative reports from on the ground in the Middle East. His latest is about such topics as growing accommodations between groups at war with one another, electric power, and the opening of schools for Syrian children.

As I read this, I wonder whether any of these unexpected social relations amid warfare are appreciated by the higher-ups in the U.S. government. I think not. I always have an image of a U.S. bull in a china shop wherever the U.S. government goes in the world on any mission whatsoever, military or humanitarian, because every insider account of how American government personnel operate shows that these missions fail, lead to worse consequences and are usually accompanied by tremendous waste and graft. Read any account of American interventions in Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, for example. Libya, of course, is another example. This is one reason among many for strongly distrusting the U.S. government’s missions in Africa under AFRICOM. Of course, we need not go overseas to build such condemnation of U.S. missions. We need only examine the record of the U.S. government domestically.

I take it as fact that the U.S. government persists in policies that harm Americans and foreigners, no matter what party is in power. There is, for example, a continuous record of wars from Grenada onwards, and every one is a failure. This is matched by domestic failures everywhere one looks. It is as if the government is too stupid to learn or crazy, but the reality is, I believe, that there are sub-surface perverse incentives and forces at work and that the government itself is structured so that positive outcomes are continually thwarted. How else does one explain the persistence of negative outcomes that are so obvious? These outcomes are regularly noted in books, frequently by non-libertarians.

10:18 am on September 27, 2014

Hilarious German Satire of Anti-Russian Propaganda

While the German media has been at least as propagandistic as the US/UK media in its resurrection of wild, Cold War-style rhetoric over the Ukraine situation, cracks are beginning to appear. Satire, humor, and ridicule have always been among the best forms of social critique, and the below clip lampooning the information war over Ukraine is among the very best. When people laugh at government propaganda, truth begins to break through. It was true with the Soviet Union and it is true today in the west.  Watch and enjoy — turn subtitles on at the “cc” button on bottom frame:

11:46 am on September 26, 2014

‘Dad, would you consider yourself an anarcho-capitalist?’

Writes Danny Gray:

This just happened and I had to share it with you.  I just picked my 16 year old son up from school.  When we got home, I headed into the garage for something and my son said, “Dad, would you consider yourself an anarcho-capitalist?”  I stopped and looked over my shoulder and said, “Yes.”  He then asked, “do you know who Lew Rockwell is?”  I again said, “Yes.”  He said, “I downloaded his app today.”  I said, “really?  how do you know about Lew Rockwell?”  He replied, “I was doing some research on anarchism and he’s all over youtube talking about being anti-war and anti-state.  He sounds a lot like you.”

I was pleasantly surprised.  I don’t hide my beliefs from my children, they know how I feel, but I don’t encourage them to copy my rhetoric for fear that they will be harmed in some way because of my views.  I figure when they’re old enough to make those decisions and be able to defend them, they’ll be ready for them.  He also mentioned Murray Rothbard and that you worked heavily in the Ron Paul campaign.  I told him that reading Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard is an excellent thing to do.

11:06 am on September 26, 2014

The Government of Israel Is Better Than Many Governments in the USA

But not because of any reason a neoconservative would give. The government of Israel has banned water fluoridation. Yet, many local governments in the USA add this chemical to the water supplies they control.

10:09 am on September 26, 2014

Re: Equality

The topic always reminds me of the words of e.e. cummings: “equality is what does not exist among equals.”

8:23 am on September 26, 2014

Students Protest ‘Patriotic History’

Hundreds of kids in Colorado walked out of school to protest a new history curriculum, which is openly focused on loving the State and obeying it. Next: parents, take these great children out of the increasingly totalitarian public schools and homeschool them. (Thanks to Bionic Mosquito)

3:00 pm on September 25, 2014

Re: Rush Limbaugh’s “Magical Times”

But Tom, Limbaugh was right for once. The first Persian Gulf War were “magical times.” Through the use of deception, a good magician creates false images of reality and suspends our sense of disbelief. He distracts the attention of his audience with smoke, mirrors, colorful silk cloths, hastily-shuffled playing cards, and rapid hand movements. He is thus able to bring into existence things that did not exist before (e.g., weapons of mass distraction destruction), make other things disappear (e.g., people and cities), and transform our discomfort of seeing a woman sawed in half into the imagined fear of a mushroom cloud over an American city. The movie, Wag the Dog, must be one of Limbaugh’s favorites!

10:48 am on September 25, 2014

Ron Paul to FSU

Ron will be speaking to students, faculty, and members of the public through the prestigeous Golden Tribe Lecture Serues on Thursday, October 2nd, in Tallahassee, Florida. Here’s how to attend An Evening With Ron Paul, for free.

9:54 am on September 25, 2014

Another View of Those ‘ISIS’ Beheadings

5:35 pm on September 24, 2014

Creeping Cornuellism

Murray N. Rothbard’s “A Fable for Our Times By One of the Unreconstructed,” was based on actual persons he knew well in the early days of the libertarian movement as he relates in the article, “The Nixon Administration: Creeping Cornuellism,” in the premier issue of The Libertarian (later The Libertarian Forum).

5:03 pm on September 24, 2014

Chickenhawk Limbaugh Cockledoodledoos Over Obama’s “Reluctance” to Murder Even More Syrians and Iranians

Rumor has it that when Rush Limbaugh was in uniform, he ate more Boy Scout cookies than anyone else in his troop.  That’s the closest he ever got to “wearing the uniform,” as they say.  Today on his radio show America’s biggest chickenhawk (literally) was bloviating about Obama’s supposed “reluctance” to be a real “warrior” by only ordering the dropping of a few hundred (about 250 so far, including 47 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles according to Bloomberg), rather than a few thousand, bombs on Syria yesterday.  Idiotic-sounding “dittoheads” called in to put their lemming-like brains on display by complaining endlessly about our “reluctant warrior” president.  Of course, if a Republican president did the exact same thing, his chickenhawkness would be praising it as “magical” and heroic.

2:44 pm on September 24, 2014

New Hostage Video a PSY/OP Against Anti-War Voices?

Writes Jay Stephenson:

In light of the very strange ISIS beheading videos, this hostage video seems very suspicious. Whether this is a PSY/OP or not, I have no doubt that the neocons will be comparing anti-war Ron Paul supporters and libertarians to ISIS, if they haven’t done so already. They always use the same playbook.

1:47 pm on September 24, 2014

Are You a Narcissist? Here’s the Perfect Job for You

(Thanks to Avinash George)

1:30 pm on September 24, 2014

Reducing the Terror Threat Increases the Terror Threat

Doublethink, accepting contradictions without being confused, without questioning, and without even knowing that one is accepting them without question, is one of the facilities of the human mind. Does it manifest itself more at some times than others, like foul language, witchcraft, tattoos and horror movies? It seems that way. We are told that global warming produces global cooling, in which case we are told that the warming is not observed but the cooling is. Which is it? If we observe cooling but not warming, where’s the warming?

We have been told by official sources that ISIS poses no imminent terror threat to America, or none of any significant nature, but at the same time we are being told that bombing this, that and the other thing in Syria and Iraq reduces terror threats to America. Which is it? If ISIS poses no threat to us, how can bombing reduce that negligible or non-existent threat?

Added to that, we are told that by bombing and reducing the terror threat overseas, the U.S. raises the terror threat in America (from so-called “lone-wolf” terrorists). Is the net threat to America higher or lower? Which is it?

Obama says it’s cool to bomb the camps of bad guy terrorists in Syria, and the non-terrorist Syrians shouldn’t do anything about it. He tells the non-terrorist Syrians (whom at times he has called terrorist-sympathizers and supporters) that he’s not cool with their shooting at American planes, and if they do, he’ll fire at them. But if these Syrians should spot some terrorists in America who it says are threats to them, and if they had the capacity to launch an attack on them and did, would U.S. officials not consider that an act of war and be shooting at the Syrian attackers? We are told to think that Obama does “right” by going anywhere he pleases to bomb or can get away with, but we are not supposed to think about what he’s really doing and how we’d think it “wrong” if some other country did the same to America. Right and wrong no longer exist under doublethink. Right inherently contradicts wrong, and we cannot have that. Therefore, they must disappear.

12:21 pm on September 24, 2014

No Irony at the UN

As the world’s chief imperialist says, “”Bigger nations should not be able to bully smaller ones.” Here’s the full report from the minion media, if you can stand it.

Should I add, that ever since the 1812 war against Britain, which the US lost, every single US war has been waged against smaller nations?

11:43 am on September 24, 2014

SWAT Team Raids Idaho Yard Sale; The Public Yawns

2SWAT raid yard sale

Flo Martinez thought that the 39-year-old man on a motorcycle seemed like an “every day kind of guy, [an] all-American boy” when he stopped to browse at the Neighborhood Angel yard sale in Meridian, Idaho. Troy Wheeler certainly didn’t seem like a threat to any of the neighbors who had gathered to participate in the sale, which had been organized to raise money for a young girl suffering from cancer. Everyone in attendance seemed comfortable in each other’s company, enjoying an opportunity to engage in peaceful commerce with a philanthropic purpose.

The prevailing mood changed abruptly when a thugscrum of masked, camouflage-clad figures stormed the gathering, pointing assault weapons and barking orders.

“It scared the heck out of us,” Martinez told Boise’s NBC affiliate, KTVB.

Wheeler was thrown to the ground and handcuffed, along with a woman who simply happened to be standing next to him when the Ada Metro SWAT team arrived. Police spokesmen described Wheeler, who was paroled a year ago on a narcotics conviction, as a suspect in a “major narcotics investigation.” Boise PD spokeswoman Lynn Hightower insisted that the SWAT raid was necessary because Wheeler was “known to be heavily armed and the arrest was high-risk,” summarizes KTVB.


11:39 am on September 24, 2014

Good News

The LRC Facebook page reached 2,366,298 people last week.

10:58 am on September 24, 2014

Global Warming Causes Global Cooling?

Lately there has appeared the hypothesis that global warming is causing global cooling. Versions of this have been around for at least 10 years. They involve a theory that fresh water melted from ice enters certain oceans. Its density differs from salt water. The mixing affects temperatures of surface water and the atmosphere.

It’s a theory. It’s only a theory. It’s not fact. Its validity is questionable. Theories are contestable. Climate science is unsettled, very unsettled. The theories of scientists in this field compete with one another. Knowledge is not firm concerning the factors that determine climate in the earth as a whole and in its various regions. Understanding of climate change is elusive. Just because scientific work is being done on climate doesn’t mean that there is highly reliable scientific knowledge upon which mankind can place huge bets. If global warming causes global cooling, does the reverse happen too? Are there cycles? If so, how long? What are the driving variables?

It is rather easy to search using google and find alternative theories posed by climate scientists. One finds a theory that the salinity of the Mediterranean Sea has a large impact on climate. Another theory points to the Siberian ice cover. One finds theories of why the Arctic ice mass undergoes its fluctuations and why the Antarctic ice cap is larger than ever. One finds alternative theories of why ice ages occurred thousands of years ago. If scientists can’t understand or haven’t yet figured out what caused past climate changes, how sure can they or we be about their theories of current and future changes? Not very. Even when scientists group around a given theory for the purpose of exploring its implications and perhaps leading them to discoveries and deeper questioning, one cannot be sure that a theory is true or won’t be found wanting in some or many respects, or else is already wanting in major respects but is the only game in town or the most popular game in town.

Do politicians who promote currently popular theories of global warming have any idea of the unsettled status of climate science or any idea of how science actually proceeds? They don’t seem to. They don’t express the appropriate skepticism and doubts. They act as if they are sure. Al Gore has always acted as if he were dead certain about global warming. He’s been so sure that he’d make firm predictions and recommend enormous economic changes. He’s an example of the ignorance of politicians when it comes to scientific matters. Can we trust scientists to be more objective? Unfortunately, we cannot, and especially not when their incentives are skewed by government grants.

8:01 am on September 24, 2014

EU Fascists and English Imperialists

Did they rig the Scottish secession referendum? The vote counting reminds Martin Armstrong of an unfunny Monty Python skit. See here and here.

4:47 pm on September 23, 2014

Social Media and Communications Specialists: The Twitter/Facebook Generation

Go here to see many pages of job openings for “Social Media Communications Specialists”.

These job openings cannot be filled by many, many, many people who lack the skills, the training, and the education. They won’t be filled by people who don’t even know such opportunities exist. They can’t be filled by those out of the market and sidelined for a wide variety of reasons. These jobs suggest that portions of the economy move on, even if many people do not and even if the government does not. These jobs show that economic development is uneven. There are still opportunities, but they need to be seen and found out. They need to be pursued. People must be willing to relocate, study, train, adapt and work. There is nothing that the FED can do by its bond-buying programs that will fill these positions. There is nothing that make-work government programs can do to fill these kinds of positions. Unemployment payments won’t fill these positions. Neither will minimum wage laws. How many more kinds of job opportunities are there like this one?

3:17 pm on September 23, 2014

Should People Really Be in a Panic over Ebola?

I am very surprised that the usually suspicious-of-government-assertions Alex Jones is being taken in by this Ebola panic hysteria going on now as pushed by the CDC and its corporate vaccine merchants. On Infowars today is this article by Dave Hodges, who begins the article with a call for not just the U.S. government to do something, but the military of all things! The article cries, “the government should be deploying the military at all border entry points and in airports for the purpose of establishing quarantine zones for passengers suspected of exposure to the Ebola virus.” Are you serious? So, some old lady sneezes and we should get military soldiers after her? And these Infowars people are usually the ones who criticize government overkill, militarization and overreaction.

In fact, Jon Rappoport has another post on this Ebola panic, and he brings up the “swine flu” panic of 2009. Remember that? Rappoport recounts that then-CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson exposed the CDC’s hysterically fraudulent claims of an H1N1 flu epidemic, in which actual test results of those suspected of having the H1N1 virus showed that most of the results were negative for the virus. But at that time, the CDC still pushed the then-untested “swine flu” vaccine!

In a previous post on the current Ebola outbreak, Rappoport notes that the conditions in Africa are those which cause vulnerability in many people’s immune systems, and it should be no surprise that they can get sick more easily than others living in better conditions.

Remember this: when people are drinking contaminated water (sometimes pumped directly from sewage into the drinking supply), when they are profoundly deficient in all vitamins and minerals, when they are starving, when they are subjected to very toxic chemicals spewed from industrial factories, when they are living far, far below the poverty line, when they are driven from their homes and even their countries during war, the “symptoms” these people present are going to be quite horrific and shocking and strange and unpredictable.

Of course many people will have more illness in those parts of Africa than those in more developed countries. And Rappoport makes a comparison:

Take 100 people from Scarsdale or Beverly Hills, who are living very comfortable lives, and fly them to some distant location, put them all in a six-room apartment with rats and lice, feed them a tiny portion of rice and melon every day, give them water to drink that’s polluted with industrial waste and human waste . . .

Test them all for the presence of germs, and you’ll find as many viruses and bacteria as you want to.

And in another earlier post Rappoport explains why some health care workers have become ill with Ebola. They had been “boiling hot” in these hazmat suits, losing a lot of sweat and dehydrating themselves, and on top of that having to go through decontamination treatments including the use of chlorine, and he quotes one doctor who stated that the smell of the chlorine while he was wearing the hazmat suit was “intense.”

“But of course,” Jon Rappoport writes, “this has absolutely nothing to do with why you might fall ill. No. If you fall ill, or collapse, or suddenly die, it’s Ebola.”

I’m sure that some nice U.S. Big Pharma vaccine maker will get rich from the latest panic.

But it’s a surprise to see some of the panic and calls for more militarization and “quarantining” people “suspected” of having the Ebola virus coming from Infowars, of all places.

1:13 pm on September 23, 2014

The Secrets of ISIS

(Thanks to Kevin Rocks)

11:56 am on September 23, 2014

My Nominee for Free Marketeer of the Year

From our Canadian correspondent, David Maharaj, comes a heartwarming story about a young entrepreneur in Alberta. When the busybodies controlling Keenan Shaw’s public educational gulag banned “sugary” soda from campus (the school still permits beverages poisoned with aspartame), Keenan set up shop in his locker and supplied eager customers. The aforementioned busybodies suspended him, just as regulators in the post-graduation world often do to businessmen, though in Keenan’s case, it was only for an afternoon. I’m sure our hero would agree that a few hours off from the gulag’s propaganda, anti-male bias, and stifling boredom was a blessed serendipity to his profits.

Nor has official and officious disapproval discouraged him. “’I’ve learned a lot about business and authority”—oh, I’ll bet he has—“as well as supply and demand, as well as how location ties into all these factors,’ he said.” He also “’found a little loop hole … I can walk out to the sidewalk, make the trade off, and walk back into the school.’”

Keenan disdains crony capitalism while appreciating the market’s innate regulator, competition: “Shaw said a few kids at school have even joked they might jump into the pop business too, but so far he doesn’t have any competitors. ‘I’ve told people go ahead, I don’t care,’ he said, noting he could expand into other treats. ‘There’s definitely other things I could make money on besides pop.’” Whoa! Are all you corporate titans out there listening and learning from this genius?

Meanwhile, Keenan scorns the busybodies’ stupidity, inefficiency and hypocrisy: “Shaw said he doesn’t believe the anti-pop policy discourages teens from drinking the stuff. ‘I don’t think they’re doing anything by restricting the sale of pop besides losing money, because kids are just going to go other places for it. Whether it’s to me, or 7-Eleven or Safeway, or any of the other various stores that are just a five minute walk away,’ Shaw said, noting his conscience is clean. ‘When they’re selling aspartame, and there’s actually been numerous studies that prove it’s worse for you, I don’t feel any remorse for it.’”

Where did this prodigy come by his fine instincts? Mom, of course. She, too, has a canny eye for stupidity, inefficiency, and all-around baloney while upholding personal responsibility: “Shaw’s mother, Alyssa Shaw-Letourneau, said she felt the school overreacted by suspending her son. She said if parents don’t want their kids drinking pop, they should give them a lunch rather than sending them to school with lunch money. Shaw-Letourneau also said it was good for students to question authority and not to accept things blindly, and pointed out a vending machine at the school sells vitamin water that states on the label it’s not suitable for children. ‘Selling a couple of cans of pop — I would view it like running a lemonade stand,’ Shaw-Letourneau said. ‘Sometimes you do have to question things.’”

A friendly amendment, Ms. Shaw-Letourneau: with do-gooders and “authorities,” let alone a combination of the two, you always have to question things. And, Keenan? I expect to read more about you in a few years when whatever company you found tops the Fortune 500.

10:32 am on September 23, 2014

US War on Syria, Day Two: Civilian Casualties, New Scarier Group Hit, Israel Joins

In an attack on Syria that the Obama administration promises will be “ongoing,” the first day of US bombs has reportedly left eight civilians dead including three children. Some 33 fighters were reportedly killed, producing a typical but troubling civilian-to-fighter kill ratio. US airstrikes struck inside the city of Raqqa, including residential buildings claimed to be occupied by ISIS. The group has already re-located its heavy weaponry out of the area, however.

The US has also, according to press reports, attacked the newly discovered (by the media at least) “Khorasan” group, touted as even scarier than ISIS and far more terrifying than the relatively tame al-Qaeda. The Pentagon claimed in a statement that this latter group was plotting an “imminent attack… against the United States and western interests.”

Meanwhile, Israel shot down a Syrian government fighter jet that, perhaps accidentally, veered into Golan Heights airspace. Golan is Israeli-occupied Syrian territory. When hit, the Syrian jet was reportedly bombing Quneitra, rebel-held territory carved out of Syria’s border area with Israel by the Israeli military to provide a staging position for an eventual rebel assault on Damascus.

The shoot-down of a Syrian Sukhoi fighter sends a strong cautionary signal to the Syrian government: Israel is ready to strike again.

7:19 am on September 23, 2014

Obama Attacks Syria, Flouts Constitution and International Law

The Obama Administration has initiated a bomb and land-based missile attack against Syrian territory without permission from the Syrian government, without a request for assistance from the Syrian government, and without a UN Security Council resolution. 

This is an act of US aggression against a foreign nation and a violation of international law.

The attacks were also made with no declaration of war or authorization from the US Congress. This is an illegal act according to US law, a violation of the US Constitution.

The 2001 Authorization for the Use of Force against perpetrators of 9/11 attacks could not be legally valid for Obama’s attacks on ISIS in Syria because ISIS is not part of al-Qaeda and in fact did not exist at the time of the 2001 attacks.

Ostensibly, today’s attacks on Syria are part of the US president’s plan to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), however the “international coalition” participating in today’s airstrikes in Syria – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan — have all to varying degrees supported ISIS and other radical groups seeking to overthrow Syrian president Bashir al-Assad. Additionally most are despotic states every bit as authoritarian and theocratic as ISIS itself. 

Even France, which enthusiastically participated in the 2011 bombing attacks on Libya, has refused to participate in the US air war against Syria.

There is no legal justification for the US government to attack Syria. A request for US bombs on its own country by US-backed opposition seeking to overthrow the Syria government is not legally sufficient to legalize US actions on Syrian territory.

On the pretext of destroying ISIS, the US is cooperating with the Gulf states which have backed ISIS, and is acting against the Syrian government which has fought ISIS for three years. US mainstream scare media will not touch this critical point, but that is the lie of US government propaganda.

This is an illegal war. Next step boots on the ground.

I am on Twitter.

6:28 am on September 23, 2014

“Those Were Magical Times”

That is how Rush Limbaugh described the first Persian Gulf War today on his show, after one of his “dittoheads” called in to say that his two sons, daughter, and wife all joined the army and went to Iraq in the early ’90s while he stayed home “and took care of the dog.”  Ah, the “magic” of the state under the leadership of head magician George H.W. Bush.

1:49 pm on September 22, 2014

re: John Lofton R.I.P.

Sorry to hear that our friend John Lofton has passed away, Laurence.  Like other “recovering Republicans,” John became a card-carrying Lincoln hater after he learned how rotten to the core the “Party of Lincoln” was.  In recent years I heard from him often with news of the latest absurdities about Lincoln, the “Civil War,” secession, etc., from various establishment mouthpieces, especially the neocons.  The last time I saw him was when I gave a talk to Mike Peroutka’s Institute on the Constitution in Maryland.  John arranged for the Institute to purchase several dozen copies of The Real Lincoln.  And like all good recovering Republicans, he was also a Hamilton hater.

The Soviet Poverty Law Center probably smeared him as part of a “hate group,” which of course is a badge of honor to any freedom-loving American.  Nothing wrong with the emotion of hate as long as it is directed at the right people.

1:39 pm on September 22, 2014

The Anti-Wuss Crowd Comments

You’ll recall that last week, Our fearless Rulers held a flight for 90 minutes while summoning the FBI, cops, and “an explosive detection canine”—all because tourists aboard carried luggage with the “logo of a travel agency appearing similar to ISIS insignia.”

Well. Chris Durkin not only reads LRC, he’s as patriotic a serf as I. He therefore alerted me to a company out there that calls itself ISIS, and I duly publicize this obvious terrorist-wannabe per the ubiquitous advice, “See Something, Say Something.” Chris’ ISIS ought to know better, too: it exploits the “security” scam, or, as its homepage intones, it “provid[es] international security and intelligence services.” (For an extra hoot, catch the revolving montage’s shot of the old coots in suits with black bands obscuring their eyes, as if anything worse than 20 extra pounds menaces them.) At any rate, I hereby warn the TSA that another ISIS is on the loose. Let’s hope the agency’s crack ISIS-fighters can work with the NSA’s crack eavesdroppers to monitor these International Security and Intelligence Servants. That way, when said Servants next show up at an airport clutching their ISIS-emblazoned bags, the FBI, cops, and explosive detection canines will already be standing by. Yes, yes, I know, all you grateful passengers: Chris and I have probably shaved 15 or 20 minutes off the hour and a half this nonsense will delay your flight. You can show your appreciation by purchasing my two novels, Halestorm and Abducting Arnold. Both describe the actual perils our ancestors confronted as they fought for freedom, versus the faux ones the corporate police-state dreams up.

Second, the USSA has no monopoly on wusses: way too many curse Australia as well. We might suppose a country renowned for its outback, Crocodile Dundee and beer-guzzling mates is drowning in he-men, but alas, it’s as craven as ours. Rick B. sends this story about “a Melbourne man [who] was hauled off a Tiger Airways flight by federal police on Saturday after claims he was seen doodling and writing sentences in a notebook satirising the current terrorism threat.” A satirist, huh? No wonder the Aussie Warriors on Decency-sorry, Terror trembled in their jackboots. Satirists endanger them almost as badly as the truth does.

And finally, David Martin, a.k.a., DC Dave, contributes this poetic commentary on Amerika’s tragic state:

Say Again

“O say does that star-spangled

Banner yet wave

O’er the land of the free

And the home of the brave?”

The question’s still a good one

But these days you have to wonder

Not about the symbol over

But the people under.

And Down Under, too.

8:38 am on September 22, 2014

John Lofton R.I.P.

I just received word that my friend John Lofton, the “recovering Republican,” has died. In case you did know of him, here is something about him from his website:

John Lofton, Bible believing Christian, for decades covered national politics, cultural/religious issues,as a journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist, TV-radio commentator/analyst and political advisor. —Editor, “Monday” the weekly, national publication of the Republican National Committee, 1970-73, —Nationally-syndicated columnist for “United Features” Syndicate in more than 100 papers nationwide,1973-80.— Editor,”Battleline,” monthly newsletter of the American Conservative Union, 1977-80.—Editor, “Conservative Digest” magazine, 1980-82.–Columnist, “The Washington Times” newspaper, 1982-89.— Program-host/commentator, “American Voice”, a national cable TV network in all 50 states, 1998-99.—A commentator on the “Mutual Radio Network,”— An advisor to the Presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan;— Author of a monthly column on the Federal bureaucracy for Howard Phillips “Conservative Caucus.” — Has written articles for the NRA magazine “America’s First Freedom”; Gun Owners Of America.— Communications Director for Constitution Party Presidential candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka in 2004.—Editor, Archive. web site. In recent years he has been the Communications Director for the Institute on the Constitution, and the God and Government Project. John Lofton has given numerous speeches before various groups , Liberal and Conservative, including Liberty University /Bob Jones University . He has appeared on numerous TV/radio shows (including the Comedy Channel’s “Daily Show”/Politically Incorrect”). AND he never went to college which is why he is so smart!

Here is a great Lofton quote: “Being a Republican is not a disease; it is a choice – a very bad choice, but a choice nonetheless.”

R.I.P. John.

7:21 pm on September 21, 2014

Ron Paul and Tom Woods on Libertarianism and Its Critics

1:09 pm on September 21, 2014