Our Unelected ‘Representatives’

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I’ve been getting a ton of mail regarding the support of Catholic bishops for health care “reform.” Apparently, a lot of Catholics didn’t know about the billions of taxpayer dollars the bishops receive a year, and how that money might influence the left-wing agenda of the bishops conference (why is its headquarters located in Washington, anyway?).

A lot of people are already calling their senators and representatives, but few Catholics ever realized that they had to call their bishops, too. Don’t worry, the bishops are prepared. Like my senators, they have set up a recorder for people calling to complain about their endorsement of socialized medicine (the number is here, at the very bottom of the page. Apparently you have to ask for the “health care desk.”)

After the scandals, the bishops formally promised a renewed transparency and openness to the people. They’ve been ignoring it ever since.

9:47 am on March 11, 2010