Our Totalitarian Rulers’ Saving Grace: Utter, Jaw-Dropping Incompetence

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…[L]ocal and federal investigators continue to look for eight [school] buses that were stolen in the St. Louis and Jefferson counties area in the state of Missouri over the past year.”

I’m trying to fathom the challenge in recovering these allegedly stolen vehicles (how does one “steal” “public” property? Since the State buys all its goods with money it plunders from us, aren’t such “thieves” merely repossessing what belongs to them?). Big, boxy, distinctive profile, bright yellow, obnoxious little “stop” sign sticking out of the side, loud, belching exhaust…I mean, surely even the average “federal investigator” should be able to handle this one.

But apparently not — even though “after the last school bus [was — sic] stolen, video footage showed an unidentified man entering various school buses for more than an hour…” Naturally, the TSA has exploited the “theft” as yet another opportunity for urging professional drivers to rat us out.

Let this cheer you as Leviathan tightens his clutches: His evil’s enactment depends entirely on shockingly stupid and incompetent minions. Meanwhile, here’s hoping the non-thieves are putting their property to a better use than the State did, carting kids to their daily doses of indoctrination. Perhaps the buses have become some poor taxpayer’s new home after the banksters threw him out of his previous one.

11:02 am on March 1, 2012