Our Rulers Just Don’t Understand. And Never Will

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The Anchorage Daily News describes the scanners with which the local airport will soon  irradiate passengers as “display[ing] a generic, gray human form” on which “a small yellow square appears … indicating the location of” any contraband. In that event, the TSA’s goon “will ask the traveler to remove the item. If the agent [sic for ‘goon’] still believes something is concealed, the traveler either receives a targeted pat down or, at the traveler’s request, a search in private, said TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers. ‘We’re only looking for something on the outside of the body, where there’s an anomaly, and then we follow up with the human [sic] element, essentially,’ Dankers said.” Apparently, she’s ignorant that goons are a subspecies and not even remotely human. She added, “It’d be hard to describe this as controversial.”

Wanna bet? Listen, you dimwit: evisceration of the Fourth Amendment will always be controversial — indeed, hopefully it will one day be controversial enough to inspire the second American Revolution, just as warrantless searches sparked the first.

8:36 am on December 12, 2011