Our Rulers’ Amoral Indignation

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In drivel the Washington Times shamelessly published, Rep[ugnant] Mike McCaul (R-TX) agonizes over the TSA’s exorbitant costs and its colossal wastes of our money. Not that both aren’t criminal, especially when we consider a lady in her 70s with whom I dined over the weekend. “Polly” was recently widowed, and happily so, given her husband’s abuse. That abuse extended to finances: unbeknownst to her, he charged tens of thousands of dollars on his credit cards, leaving her such overwhelming debts that she declared bankruptcy. She couldn’t sell their home in the economy Our Rulers have devastated, so the State auctioned it instead. Even so, the bank had to “forgive” half the mortgage owed, which the satanic IRS imputes as “income” to Polly. She now lives in a tiny rental, and though she’s elderly and in poor health, she still works in a vain effort to make ends meet. Yet the IRS will rob this pitiable woman of over $10,000 on “income” she never saw.

All to finance gate-rape, drones, the CIA and FBI’s hijinks, foreign bombings, bail-outs, and the feds’ other atrocities. So McCaul’s scolding of the TSA is certainly justified. But he sounds like a member of the Reichstag, lamenting the high cost of preventing the Volk from marrying Jews. There’s not a hint that we are dealing with an utterly immoral, predatory bureaucracy whose legion of victims cry out for its abolition; instead, McCaul’s britches are in a wad because the TSA doesn’t molest children within budget.

Meanwhile, every penny of that budget is stolen, looted from millions of suffering people like Polly. But again, such merciless plunder doesn’t faze McCaul. No, this unconscionable “chairman of the Homeland Security Oversight, Investigations and Management Subcommittee” merely objects to the amount of the spoils, not the theft itself.

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…”

8:35 am on November 27, 2012