Our Rulers’ Generosity with Other People’s Money

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So those tyrants at the FCC have “cobbled together” an “initiative [sic for ‘compulsory deal to which the cable companies they regulate must agree’] to get more U.S. homes connected to broadband.”

Said “initiative” consists of “offer[ing] Internet service for $9.95 per month to homes with children that are eligible for free school lunches.”

But while the industry — and we customers whose revenues pay its bills — must pony up, Our Rulers don’t have to. Though “the companies are pledging to charge nothing for installation or modem rental,” the $9.95 doesn’t include taxes.

Oh, Leviathan, you never disappoint! Always the biggest, slimiest greedball and hypocrite on the planet!

1:01 pm on November 9, 2011