Our Leftist Campuses

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USA Today has an interesting front page article today, “On campus: Free speech for you but not for me? Conservative students say they’re marginalized“. I’m glad they’re recognizing the problem though, unfortunately, it is in the context of legislative efforts to address the problem, (like one being pushed by David Horowitz). The article also brings some attention to these awful “diversity” courses that are required at many universities now. The Left has been really clever at getting their propoganda as a required course.

I’ve had my own peek back into campus life since I’ve been back at Washington University in St. Louis pursuing a graduate degree. Though it is true that conservatives are marginalized and the conservative paper occasionally the target of vandalism, it is a wonder to behold just how lopsided the political debate is on campus… In the Right’s favor. Our conservative group has great difficulty finding leftists even willing to debate, even when we’re willing to do all the work for the event. When leftists are engaged they rarely show the ability to make a coherent argument. They seem to think it is enough to talk about their feelings. Another part of the picture is that the bulk of the student body just doesn’t particularly care about politics. I leave it to you to decide whether student apathy to politics is good or bad.

3:35 pm on November 3, 2003