Our Heroes in Uniform

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Sometimes like to photograph women out of uniform, in the bathroom, and without their consent and other times like to expose themselves to teenagers.

According to the AirForceTimes: “An airman who allegedly videotaped a female airman and then showed it to another female airman faces a special court-martial beginning Wednesday at the Air Force Academy.” This hero apparently “videotaped a female airman in July 2011 while she was unclothed in a bathroom, without her consent and while she had a reasonable expectation of privacy.” Then he “allegedly sexually harassed another female airman by showing her the video and engaging her in a sexual conversation.”

And again, according to AirForceTimes: “A combat cameraman at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland who exposed himself and committed other lewd acts at a Texas Bible camp a year ago was sentenced to two years in prison and a dishonorable discharge.” He was found guilty of “indecent exposure, committing lewd acts in front of a minor and providing alcohol to a person under age 21.” One of this heroes victims was under 16.

The military is a cesspool of wickedness. Fathers, mothers, pastors—regardless of your political persuasion or patriotism—keep your young people out of the military.

I will stop these posts when Americans stop calling all military personnel heroes.

Thanks to veteran T.M.

10:55 am on April 30, 2014