Our American Dream Has Become The World’s Nightmare.

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Shortly after the 2003 intervention into Iraq I remember viewing a TV interview with Noam Chomsky where he compared America’s pre-emptive actions there with Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939.

At the time I thought his language was over-the-top and quite disingenuous.

America was not National Socialist Germany.

But Chomsky was precisely and prophetically correct.

Everything from the time of 9/11 has been propelling the United States into an authoritarian fascist state.

Our American dream has become the world’s nightmare.

Where other nations once viewed us with emulation and envy, now it is with fear, loathing, and revulsion.

The Constitution has become an archaic scrap of paper in a glass display case; the rule of law no more than the fading memory of a game from childhood such as Twister, Seven Up or Hide and Go Seek.

We have become what our parents (or grand-parents) fought WWII against.

Those who shut their eyes and ears to these disturbing facts are afraid to face the harsh reality of what our once noble republic stood for is no more.

And like those “Good Germans” who blindly supported Hitler because he restored their atavistic sense of national pride within themselves, the “Good Americans” of today will be consumed by their hubristic arrogance and willful ignorance.

Their complaisant silence in the face of destructive imperialistic wars of aggression abroad and police state tyranny at home will prove the death of us all.

Unless we continue to educate ourselves, stand our ground, and resist.

2:29 pm on March 20, 2013