Osama bin Laden Dead

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Every time the US waves the bloody shirt of Osama, it has a purpose. Obama has been drastically weakened in recent months, and the US has been hurt by murdering Gadaffi’s family members. The mass-killing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. is not going well. The economy is a wreck. Dollar debasement is speeding up. Gasoline prices are high. So…tah-dah…the body of Osama bin Laden for our edification and distraction. It may even be true. Certainly the CIA will assure us that its DNA test proves it.

UPDATE from Darien Sumner:

In re: Osama bin Laden’s death, here are the first three things that went through my mind: 

1) Congratulations to the United States government on spending only ten years and a few trillion dollars to kill one old man.

2) This means we get all of our liberties back now, right? And our money? And the thousands of lives lost?

3) Ah, now the Libyan war is beginning to make a lot more sense from a political standpoint. The government needed a new bogeyman to chase.

At least I can count on LRC not to be oozing with “hooray for government murder” pablum like my Twitter feed is overflowing with.

9:33 pm on May 1, 2011