Orwellian World

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Writes Paul Mollon:

Ron Paul, for his entire political career, spanning decades, has preached nothing but peace and freedom. He wants to limit government invasions of both. For this he is labeled “kooky,” “crazy,” and “dangerous.”

Meanwhile, what is Donald Rumsfeld up to? Would that be the same Donald Rumsfeld who was an integral part of the power elite that ordered the bombing, invasion, and occupation of Iraq, while murdering and maiming innocent men, women, and children by the hundreds of thousands; pathetically trying to justify it all with a mountain of half-truths, lies, and outright BS? Yes, that’s the very one. What keeps him busy these days? Why, he’s touring the country, smiling that smarmy smile, waving cheerily to his fans and mealy-mouthed media flaks, making piles of money selling his memoirs, and of course continuing the half-truths, lies, and BS.

Is this an Orwellian world or what?

9:34 am on March 9, 2011