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Yes, I actually watched the “debate” last night. It was even more boring and predictable than usual, as the two organized-crime  chieftains expressed their faith in the State and its right to rule over us. But I was struck, as in the past, by Romney’s potential to become the first formal American dictator. Or will they call him Augustus? With Obama, there’s no there there. How nice to know that I do not need to  vote for one of these men. How important not to endorse the bloody Keynesian empire that is wrecking us, and the world, by voting at all.

UPDATE from Chris Cummins:

Indeed, it is nice to be on the outside looking in – my 9 year old asked me last night, likely after being somewhat thoroughly hyped about it at school (only 50 mile south of the spectacle in Colo. Springs), why I didn’t have the debate on the TV after dinner.  I happily responded that I had withdrawn my consent, and would not be voting for either of these men, or any other of the Caesar hopefuls… indeed, I likely would not bother to vote at all on any matters this fall if Colorado was not providing me the opportunity to nullify federal marijuana laws and tweak the nose of the DEA!

7:42 am on October 4, 2012