O’Reilly to Root Out Media Bias

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This morning on Voice of the Bush Administration TV (VBATV),known in some circles as the Fox (or Faux) News Channel, Bill O’Reilly was interviewed by his colleagues about his new project — rooting out media bias. Specifically, he’s got his shorts in a wad over NBC, which he denounced as “critics of the Bush administration.” Horrors!

Thank God O’Reilly reminded everyone, though, that NBC “has every right” to voice such opinions. Whew. I’m glad he said that. I was of the opinion that free speech was non-existent in the U.S. Good thing we have Bill O’Reilly looking out for us “folks,” as he persistently calls those of us who are among the Great Unwashed.

So the Fox News Channel, with its cartoonishly slavish bootlicking behavior with regard to EVERYTHING the Republican Party says and does, is upset that another network dares to be critical of the Bush regime.

Wait a minute. Isn’t that what news reporters are supposed to do, at least in theory? Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to “speak truth to power?” Aren’t they supposed to be one of the buffers between the citizens and the state? Or are they just another propaganda appendage of the state organized to deceive and dupe “the folks” into acquiescing in state tyranny? Just a guess, but I think O’Reilly would believe the latter.

1:47 pm on January 16, 2007