Oregon to Penalize Good Gas Mileage

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Finally, a tax plan designed by liberals that even Rush Limbaugh can get behind. The state of Oregon is apparently piloting a program in which drivers will be taxed according to how many miles they drive, rather than how much fuel they buy. Compared to the status quo, this effectively penalizes hybrids and rewards vehicles that get bad gas mileage.

Naturally, rather than tap in to a vehicle’s tachometer, as one would do when installing a taxi meter, the state has opted for a much more expensive solution: All drivers should get GPS units with wireless transponders.

This brilliant plan seems to be the brainchild of bureaucrat Peter DeFazio. (Thanks to Theodore at GMU for the link.)

Meanwhile, the vice president of Reason is apparently advocating higher gas taxes. Way to go, Dr. Moore. (Thanks to Bill Jarman for the link.)

4:05 am on January 3, 2009