Or Maybe Bush is Doing the Lord’s Will

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A pastor writes in response to my article on King Saul and President Bush with another take on the Lord’s purpose for President Bush:

I too have given a lot of thought to the claim that the Bush presidency is ordained by God, and as a Reformed Christian and pastor have decided that of course it is; if it were not then it is obvious that Bush would be back on his ranch and someone else would be president.

The more interesting question is why the Lord placed this man in authority over America.  Did He intend the Bush administration to be a blessing on us for our Christian virtue and love of democracy as the religious Right insists?  Or did He intend it as a curse, a judgment on the hubris, corruption, impiety, and the church’s complicity in them, which have plagued this nation almost from the beginning?  We do reap what we sow after all.  For generations we Americans (Christians in the forefront) have exalted ourselves to heaven, perhaps now we are about to be humbled.  Perhaps this catastrophic Bush administration is the rod which the Lord has ordained to chastise us and move us toward genuine repentance and humility.

8:51 am on January 21, 2005