open letter re Block and the diversitarians

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To the Rev Kevin Wildes, SJ
Loyola University New Orleans

Dear Rev. Wildes,

I am and have been following the issue concerning your universities’ Diversity Committee’s false attack against Dr Walter Block. I have read, with great sadness, all the material surrounding this issue from various source materials including but not limited to the New Orleans newspaper and To be honest with you, I am neither a Roman Catholic nor do I hold an advanced academic degree—I am however an Eastern Orthodox Christian( OCA) and have studied extensively political philosophy, economics, history, and the teachings of the Holy Fathers( Orthodox ). You allowed Dr Block to be accused by this committee and to have his reputation slandered by this committee without allowing him an opportunity to address his accusers in person. What is even more disturbing is that you did not take corrective action even when it became obvious that the Diversity Committee based its published opinion not on Dr Block’s very words but from a third party source.

What Dr Block has to say, teach and lecture about may not be pleasant to society’s ear, it may create tension and make everyone hearing it uncomfortable to a certain degree–but–if what he has to say can be defended in a valid way (in everyday language proofed) then it becomes our duty, it becomes your duty, to see that he has an equal opportunity to voice his finding and opinion in an environment that is free of false demonetization.

I referenced to you the fact that I am an Orthodox Christian only because I believe that Orthodoxy holds a much more profound understanding of Christ than an other Christian path so I offer this to you……Christ came (and the Truth of Christ is the same today) to stand before Caesar and the Sanhedrin because he spoke the Truth. What He spoke terrified, angered, and threatened the status quo so He was set upon…..nevertheless what He, the Word, spoke was (and is) the Truth however unsettling it may be to us. As a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, does it take an Orthodox layman to remind you that Christ was falsely accused, was slandered, and was forced to “prove” his innocence after the fact.

Please dismantle this Diversity Committee, which promotes the opposite by the use of fear and intimidation, or resign and move to Mount Athos.

Thank you,
David B
Austin Texas

1:09 am on May 5, 2009