Only “Piece of Garbage Human Beings” Ponder Whether Torture is Evil

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Josh Crosby downloaded the Constitution Project’s report per yesterday’s blog. He writes:

Here is a gem on page 38 from Lt Col Diane Beaver, Staff judge Advocate for the man in charge of interrogation at Guantanamo.

Concerning the use of techniques that technically were considered torture by the UCMJ that she approved.  Her excuse was that she was only given 4 days to think about it, didn’t have access to much in terms of books or research, and wanted to get something in writing.

Is this what the military does?  When asked if torture is wrong it takes 4 days to figure it out and then you decide that it is ok?  If it takes you longer than zero seconds to determine its immorality, you are a piece of garbage human being.

When I asked Josh how he’d like me to identify him for this post, he responded, “Please use my full name” and gave me not only that (including middle one) but his complete street-address because, he said, he wants the world to know he “objected to these things done ostensibly in my name [and] I want it publicly documented that I find them categorically abhorrent and any legal status afforded them is only further condemnation of the entire structure that arrogates for itself the position of judge.”

Ahem. All I can add is, “Take that, Leviathan. Yet another serf who hates your guts.”

9:08 am on April 19, 2013