One Society? Dictatorship of ‘We the People’

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A Washington think tank named Bipartisan Policy Center says “We are on the brink of a huge shift in how we think about, deliver, and pay for health care in America.” This think tank thoughtlessly thinks in terms of a collective “we” or one society.

This think tank is automatically anti-freedom in its premises. To be for freedom, one cannot assume that Americans are one society and one “we”, for that implies one state, and one state means collective decisions made by the rulers of that state. If Americans can vote as a collective and if conventional democracy or what is called democracy are being enforced over everyone, these also presume one society, one we, and one state, all of which disallow truly voluntary personal action, personal secession, and voluntary formation of many societies.

Socialized health care comes down to a collective “we” created by force of law. It comes down to a collective law made in Washington and enforced by fines and prisons. Lenin and Stalin would be proud of this socialization and the parallel destruction of freedom. Socialized health care comes down to social force being applied to each person by the state. It comes down to democratic dictatorship. It comes down to social dictatorship.

Americans will never be free as long as Washington rules over personal health care decisions. Americans cannot be free as long as Washington has the power to think and act for all of them as one society and one collective. Americans cannot be free as long as they conceive of their lives as being part of a single monolithic “We” and support everyone’s being forced into this collective.

We the People is actually a premise that is anti-freedom.

1:12 am on March 16, 2012