One Road to Anarcho-Capitalism

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Writes Jay Stephenson:

Five years ago today, I was on my way home from a friend’s house who lived only a mile away when I got pulled over by a cop who was parked next to an intersection close to a bar. I had six beers that night, and incidentally the lights at the intersection mysteriously weren’t working (it was July 4th weekend, go figure), so suddenly I discovered I was on the intersection having not made a complete stop. I didn’t notice the hidden cop. Not only did I get thrown in jail that night, but the the incident cost me thousands of dollars in not just fines, but forced psychological tests and group therapy sessions the judge forced me to attend. During this time, the IRS also came after me for a mistake I made on my taxes four years previous to them notifying me of the mistake. Even though I was never notified of the mistake, they still demanded I pay interest. Looking back today, I’m glad all of this happened because I don’t think I would have ever discovered your website or anarcho-capitalism had it not. Thank you for what you do.

11:15 am on July 4, 2014