An LRC Fan

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Writes an anonymous guy (from DC?):

f***you, tom dilorenzo. have you ever thrown a chair at anyone? i bet you have. i can’t wait for you to link to the latest bit of right wing outrage framed in hyperbolic terms like AN ABSOLUTE MORAL CALUMNY when it’s just about unions or something. the south shall rise again!

f*** you, lew rockwell, and your despicable attempts at piggybacking on ron paul’s success. we must make the banksters shake in their boots! buy end the fed!, despite the fact the banksters don’t care if your sh**** books sell or not.

f*** you, david kramer, with all my heart. can you write? i can if i try, and so should you. have you read anything besides the LRC canon? GUNvernment! democRATS! i long for the day when half the blog is not written by some illiterate putz.

f*** you, stephan kinsella, and your perpetual attempts at provoking more famous libertarians before retreating and crying that THEY STARTED IT and I MAINTAINED ABSOLUTE CIVILITY. don’t you think that gays’ freedom to buttbang is more important than a gang of thieves’ right not to have their decisions overturned by another gang of thieves?

f*** you, gary north and your little masquerade. can someone whose ultimate goal is biblical theocracy really be called a libertarian? apparently, in lewrockwell land, they can. stone the adulterers! burn the heathens! the crash is coming.

f*** you, alternative medicine cranks. thanks for murder. you must be truly demented to believe that because something is banned it must be good? cancer is a fungus? scientists are all in the pocket of big pharma? you belong in a (voluntary) mental ward.

karen de coster, bob murphy, butler shaffer, tom woods, david gordon, mike gaddy, walter block and most of all RODERICK LONG. f****** you would be a privilege. you are the little gems inside this fetid swamp of villainy, each in your own way.

but enough of this, have at you.

11:49 am on January 7, 2010