One More Reason To Homeschool

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In addition to a loving, peaceful and congenial surrounding; involved and caring and dedicated parents; companions freely chosen, not forcibly imposed by government fiat and ideological whim; content that is constructive, valuable, beautiful, and lasting, not vile bilge that is pleasing to government goons; material that respects the truth instead of trashing it; great SAT’s and colleges hungry for students who can do more than “feel good about themselves”; and so much more.

Yes, here’s one more reason: if your sixteen-year-old’s chemistry experiment goes awry at home, she cleans it up. If it happens at a government school  in notoriously corrupt Polk County, Florida, she’s a felon, handed over by the flaccid “teachers,” handcuffed by the swaggering zealots from the Ministry of Love, hauled off by the pompous SWAT buffoons, and sent to jail for up to twenty years.

2:16 pm on May 2, 2013