One More Ball and Chain for Romney

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Michael Gerson, former Bush speechwriter and favored Son of Hubris, recently objected when W’s War on Iraq was called by its proper name — Messianic Nationalism. “That war was a ‘prudential calculation’ about removing a mass murderer, Gerson countered.”

Unfortunately for Romney, Gerson was speaking not on Comedy Central, but at the National Press Club. Moreover, he reflects the views of Romney’s foreign policy advisers, virtually all of whom are Bush 43 retreads.

Having been lied to before, countless conservatives—especially the indispensable but always dumped-on pro-family types—have already bailed on Romney. If Romney perpetuates Team Bush’s lies that brought on the invasion, occupation, and destruction of Iraq, along with the demolition of the GOP and the inauguration of Obamanism, he is signing his own … well, let’s just say that all the money in the world can’t save him.

12:43 pm on April 18, 2012