One good thing about Machiavelli…

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Is the wine named after him.

machiavelli wine3.JPG

Otherwise, Niccoló was pretty much a hypocrite, an opportunist, and a scumbag who has inspired petty tyrants for generations.

This wine however, is obviously a must drink for any political scientist. Like many Americans, I know nothing about wine, so I buy it based on the novelty or charm of the label. This was no exception, although I was pleased with the result.

I’m not a foodie or a wine enthusiast, but I was able to figure out that this is basically a cabernet that certainly was better than the swill wine I usually drink.

I bought this in Machiavelli’s sometime home town of Florence where they apparenly have a higher opinion of him than I do.

12:15 am on May 17, 2008