One Disgusted Serf

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Yesterday’s mindless nationalism preyed on Michael Alford until he disgorged the following parody, which “just sort of spilled out, like bad seafood,” he tells me:

“I’ll never forget the day that a bunch of evil men with murder in their heart stopped our whole world and our brave and godly president stood up to the evildoers and thank God for the brave soldiers who are all so smart and handsome and thank God for the firefighters and the cops and the dog catcher and the mailman and the police dogs who bravely gave their  lives so that I can be free and let’s all rally behind our president even though he spies on us and thank God I’m an American and unless you’re some sort of godless communist you should  hold your children tight and always remember and never  forget and never surrender and don’t give up the ship and united we stand cause we’re America and  it’s the land of the free and the home of the  brave especially our soldiers who live in harm’s way and never ask for thanks and  unless we all buy a new car the terrorists will win.”

11:20 am on September 12, 2013