On Throwing In the Towel

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Lew: These lockstep media types are desperately and feverishly trying to get Ron to “throw in the towel” NOT because they believe he will become the GOP nominee, but because his continued presence — along with his analysis of the state as the principal cause of our problems — is discomforting to the political establishment which wants nothing more than to get its livestock back into their assigned stalls. The scene in the film “Election,” in which an anti-establishment candidate for student-body president reveals to the assembled students the absurdity of the entire process, and for which her name is arbitrarily removed from the ballot, is telling. “Just go away, Ron, you’re scaring the horses. Then we can get back to the REAL issues, such as ‘Who should be on “Dancing With the Stars”‘?”

By the way, is Newt Gingrich constantly asked to throw in the towel?

4:02 pm on March 27, 2012