On the Singular Importance of Good Education

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Bad education, such as the whole word approach to reading, has a cumulative self-reinforcing social effect that is destructive. That’s my theory. It works like this. Government and its cohort in official education circles introduce the bad education techniques. This leads to more ignorance in the general population. This leads them to select more ignorant, less mature, less skilled, more emotional, less moral, less dedicated, more egoistic, and more self-indulgent leaders. These simple-minded leaders then propagate even more simple-minded memes and act on them. The mainstream media meanwhile are being peopled also with more ignorant and simple-minded writers and thinkers, as are the universities, and they are the transmission vehicles for these ignorant and destructive ideas. Therefore the whole system spirals downwards in its effectiveness in dealing with the human condition. There is one more element that pervades this decline, and that is that increased ignorance results in people tapping more into their brutal, aggressive, and violent emotions as opposed to the more refined and higher ones. Therefore, we observe more expressions of anger, vulgarity, beastliness, violence, ugliness, and war. Science and art spiral down too. The family goes down. Child-rearing goes down. Drug use goes up as a form of escapism. The churches go down. Increasing ignorance has a vast and pervasive effect. The evidence of this is all around us.

7:21 am on February 23, 2012