On the Other Hand. . .

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Call me PC, but I think protectionism and collectivist nativism potentially have racist elements or at least implications, including when the leftist Obama complains about American business shipping jobs overseas. If it’s supposedly bad to not want to see your job going to an immigrant, why is it okay, according to the left, to decry “our jobs” going overseas? A Chinese worker laboring away for our consumption is a human being too, and has every human right to work under to contractual freedom. It is not something to decry when people abroad can work for a living, in our global economy.

This obsession with preserving “American jobs” here strikes me as something of a bigotry. I do not wish to censor or condemn everyone who makes this error, which would include quite a lot of folks on the left and right, but I do consider it quite a disturbing disposition, and especially wonder why the PC left is so fine with American supremacism on trade and economics.

4:54 pm on March 18, 2008