On the ‘Forefront” of Central Banking Propaganda

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It seems that the “Federal” Reserve Bank of Cleveland (Does anyone really care about any “Federal” Reserve bank other than the one in New York City?) has started to publish a magazine called Forefront which will “enlighten” the sheeple about the activities and importance of the “Fed.”

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is creating a new print and online publication, Forefront, that will focus on policy issues facing this region and the nation…The first issue, which is out now, is 32 pages in print and has a cover story about how to protect consumers who buy financial products. Other stories discuss how to identify and regulate systematically important financial institutions and how to speed the foreclosure process…The magazine is the latest in a series of efforts of the Cleveland Fed to educate the public about the economy.

“We at the Federal Reserve believe that a well-informed public is crucial to our efforts in fulfilling our dual mandate of price stability and maximum sustainable economic growth,” she wrote. “The more you know, the easier it is for us to do our job. This is particularly true in these turbulent economic times.” [Stop laughing. RIGHT NOW!! Or you’ll be sent straight to your room without your dinner—a dinner that today costs the same as a dinner for five would have cost 40 years ago thanks to the “Fed.”]

If you really want to be well-informed about the “Federal” Reserve, I suggest you read publications by Ed Griffin and Murray Rothbard.

[Thanks to John Hightower]

7:47 pm on December 19, 2009