On the Bailout (With Other People’s Money)

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Writes Sam Bostaph:

Here’s a letter of support. No bailout for The Big Three will have several desirable results:

1. UAW down the tube. Breaking the back of this grasping bunch is a victory for everyone, especially the underpaid worker in the free part of our economy whose wages have been pushed down by the unionized sector. Besides, it gives me personal satisfaction to see someone who makes more than I do for his or her skill of putting doors on cars (and doing a lousy job of that) actually have to do something valuable to earn $70k.

2. Detroit down the tube. One of the most vice-ridden, politically corrupt, morally rotten cities in the country will depopulate or the population will have to clean up their act.

3. Michigan down the tube. One of the most rotten political regimes in the country will take a serious hit and will have to lower taxes to keep the rest of the businesses in the state from leaving.

4. GM and Chrysler down the tube. This will free up resources that can be better used by auto companies, like Toyota, that build quality cars. My last GM car was a Chevy that was on its last legs at 110k. I replaced it with a used Toyota that already had 100k on its odometer and is still running like a top at 170k.

1:29 pm on December 13, 2008