On Hiding Sharp Objects

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An open question to both the advocates of gun control and the Bush administration: “how many more lives are you prepared to sacrifice in furtherance of your political ambitions?”

Perhaps the most nauseating remarks following the Virginia Tech killings came from both President Bush and Tony Blair, each of whom exploited the event to express their “sympathy” for the victims and their families. The killer – who took his own life – was not unlike the suicide bombers of Baghdad who have helped make 33 deaths in that city a daily occurrence; the products of a war that Bush and Blair eagerly pursue without any expressions of “sympathy” for their victims.

For those politically-conditioned minds who still believe – to paraphrase Herbert Spencer – that there is some “political alchemy” by which to get “golden conduct out of leaden instincts,” why do you not pursue legislative solutions to such atrocities? Instead of focusing attention on guns as the evil to be eradicated – which is akin to blaming automobiles for drunk drivers – get to the heart of the matter. Enact legislation making it a crime to murder people! If laws civilize us, this one should do the trick.

10:36 am on April 17, 2007