Old Essay, New Perspective

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Writes a friend from NH:

So there I was, watching a high school lacrosse game, gabbing with the guy perched next to me on the bleacher seat. Well, it’s not long before he starts complaining about the government, and how people aren’t noticing how we’re becoming a socialist country. So I tell him to google an essay called,  ‘Everything you love you owe to capitalism.’

Two weeks later I see him at another game. He tells me he read the essay and that this Rockwell guy even recommended some books for further reading. I’m not making this up and it gets even better. He then tells me he bought a copy of Hazlitt’s book and he’s even been visiting the Mises.org site.

One essay and this guy changes from an angry, war-mongering, Keynesian to someone who’s willing to start thinking for himself. Although he’s still pretty angry. Go figure.

11:58 am on May 27, 2010