Old Dogs II

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Concerning Stephan’s father, and his inability to understand the difference between voicemail and answering machines: isn’t fixing family computers the way everyone under the age of 50 spends vacation time? Not a year passes when I don’t spend at least two to four days repairing problems on my extended families’ computers. The job consists mainly of digging out viruses, coordinating SMTP addresses, updating antivirus software, zapping spyware, fixing settings on palms and printers, deleting browser temp files and histories, compressing old deletes, and resolving IP address issues on routers and things. Then comes the moment when you have to tell them it is time to update from Windows 95. “But this computer is practically new!” Routines like this remind us that the modern age is enormously complicated, not to mention expensive.

1:53 pm on August 21, 2003