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Regarding The Perv’s reversing his decision to allow small knives on planes, the UK’s Guardian quotes Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), whom the unions have bought and paid for: “Pistole’s decision is a ‘victory for every single person who sets foot on a plane, and a reaffirmation that the government listens to the people,’ Markey said in a statement.”

I incredulously added the emphasis. The only “people” — and we’re stretching the word’s definition strenuously here — who dinned at Our Rulers on this were Markey’s constituency, i.e., the unions, both in aviation and “law enforcement.” Yo, Ed: I assure you, no taxpayer anywhere doubts for a moment that the Feds listen to the unions. And we all fully comprehend your contempt for us, too, in releasing a “statement” this fallacious and insulting.

8:42 am on June 6, 2013